The Weekly Rhubarb | Fertilize or Forget it?

This post brought to you by Scotts®. All opinions are 100% mine.

Welcome to the Weekly Rhubarb here at the Nest for all Seasons.  Today's topic?  Fertilizing grass.  You might not think grass is very controversial, but mention fertilizing lawns to 10 people and 2 of them will go crazy on you.  One will claim that you are the devil for sprinkling toxins on your grass.  The other will go on and on and on and on about how to fertilize correctly to create the absolutely perfect P.E.R.F.E.C.T. lawn.  The other 8?  They will look at you weird.
So today you might be looking at me weird, you might be ready to drop the hammer on my fertilizing words or you might be ready to give me all the advice in the world.

Bring it on.

The comment section is open and anticipating YOUR advice, your opinion , your stance on the issue.

Here is the lowdown --
Grass is just like any other plant.  It needs sun, water and food.  That food can come from two basic places -- organic additives or chemical additives.  There are pluses and minuses to both.  Typically I err on the side of going as natural as we can go, but sometimes you just need chemicals.

Case in point...
Your kid is sick...natural remedies are great.
Your kid gets need a drug.
Case #2
You have fruit flies on your plants...natural yellow sweet traps will do the job.
Hornets in the attic?  Chemicals please.
Case #3
Your lawn is brown.  Try a little water and let the clippings fall to nourish the soil.
Your lawn turns black in spring in the midst of rainshowers.  You need Scotts® Snap® Spreader System.

Now you might wonder why you need "system" to spread fertilizer on your lawn.  I wondered that too.  that was the year I was 23 years old, bought a bag of fertilizer and sprinkled it around my postage stamp yard in Nebraska.  Little did I know that people have those little rolling fertilizer carts for a REASON.  My postage stamp yard had little grass pimples all year long.  You see, my "even" throwing wasn't quite so even and everywhere too much fertilizer landed, the grass went crazy and grew tall and green while the rest of the lawn still looked sad.  OOPS.
Now back on the other side of the coin -- I usually stay away from fertilizers and depend on compost to do the job for me.  ...but what do you do when compost isn't enough?   Anything but throwing clumps of fertilizer randomly into the yard.  Trust me - don't do it.  the neighbors will laugh behind their hands.
So how do the systems work?  Typically you pour the fertilizer into the little cart and walk around your yard hoping no one sees you.  (It is not the coolest gig.)  The Scotts System is a little cooler though because the pac snaps right onto the spreader, so no mess all over the floor.  (If only they made one of those for CHICKEN FEED!)
Need more proof?  Read the testimonials and check out the Snap perks on Facebook!

So what is your take?  Fertilizer or no?  Is your grass dead?  Does it do just fine on its own? 
Have you ever played the fool and sprinkled fertilizer on your lawn by hand? 

No?  I'm alone?  Oh the shame...

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