The Smell of Baby

You know on 'Everybody Loves Raymond' how Frank used to be creepy and smell the twins heads "drinking in their youth" or something? I think that was one of the few times I really related to Frank.

What is it about baby skin that smells the way it does. Sweat and dirt seem to make it even better. Suntan lotion, baby sweat and sand should be bottled. It would sell like crazy.

Do you ever close the doors during naptime just so the baby smell "builds up" in the room so when you open the door, the smell of baby kind of wraps you up and envelops you? I know you sometimes dig your nose into those little baby folds of skin on their necks to drink in the smell. It is beautiful and sweet and everything wonderful about the world. Of course, sometimes babies do that horrible thing they do and you open up the naptime door to a little poop in the pants, which kind of ruins the effect. You know what I'm talking about though - don't you?

Baby smell is the best...and I am so sad my bebe is passing the line from baby to stinky so quickly. I keep holding onto that many more months will he smell like tiniest one instead of like a growing boy?

Is this the trick that God uses to get us to have more? and more? and more?

Do we long for that smell of baby sweat, the chubby hands of toddlers and those tiny little baby lips so we'll propagate the race?

If so it is a nasty trick because it works FAR too well.

Excuse me while I go take a whiff of my sleeping baby...


enjoy it while it lasts! because i have a 6 yr old boy who often smells like sweat and feet. ;) i still love him though and he is still my baby. :)