Sometimes you just have to give up your thrifty ways...

If you know me, you know IKEA is on the short list.

It joins my favorite thrift stores and backroad auctions and weekday Target trips and the rare trip to Anthropologie. The childcare center bumps them perhaps all the way to the top. If IKEA were to add standard Chick-fil-A's in all their stores and Target were to add childcare...well now THAT would be a battle worthy of the consumer age.

All that to say...I know IKEA.  At least I thought I did.  I pretty much know all of the merchandise backwards and forwards.  I know what is a good deal and what is just cheap.  I know what I will buy every single time I visit (Hello grey-brown pots and crazy straws!).  When IKEA brings out something new, I can always spot it.  (You a side note, I can spot hawks and owls in trees on the highway better than anyone I know, so just believe me when I say the hawkeye works at IKEA).  When IKEA brings out merchandise that is priced too high -- I know to wait until they slash the prices.

So now that you think I am completely full of myself and my IKEA shopping talents...let me let you in on my downfall...

IKEA perfume bottles, set of 3 in pink, brown and blue
Yes, those would be my downfall.  Simple little glass perfume jars.  Let me explain....they were $15 for 3.  For IKEA, that is crazy talk.  They are fairly new, so like a good shopper, I waited.  I waited a few months until I went back to IKEA and they were still there and they were still $15.  (Of course in my head instead of $15 for 3 it was $15 for THREE...the deal was getting better...)

I knew that they were just pressed glass.  The seaming wasn't even that great on the sides - they weren't the highest quality...but I still liked them.  A lot.  I liked them enough that I was thinking about them when we arrived at IKEA hoping they were marked down.  So, I caved.  I bought them.  ...and let me tell you something...they make me happy every morning and every evening.  A tiny luxury...plastic bottles thrown out the window and 3 lovely little glass perfume bottles taking their place.

Sometimes you've just got to give up your thrifty ways and take a plunge.
...and then don't go back to IKEA for 6 months to make up for it...

IKEA perfume bottles, set of 3 in pink, brown and blue
IKEA paid not a penny for this post, but if they were to send me a $100 giftcard, I'd write them a 100 posts.  
If they were to sponsor a fill-a-cart shopping spree, I might even tweet about them ;) 



Miss Kitty said…
Girl, that IS a bargain even not on sale! They are so pretty...I'm glad you indulged. I have never been to an Ikea store but I hear so many bloggers talk about the deals they get there. And your link to Ikea on Amazon opened my eyes to the fact that it can be cought online. I could not believe how inexpensive those rugs you featured were. I am going to Atlanta in June for the Haven blogging conference...I may have to schedule time enough to visit that Ikea there too.
Those bottles are so pretty! I'm not sure what my favorite Ikea thing would be... hmm lemme think about that!
true Miss Kitty - it ain't a BAD price :) ...and if I was going to Haven, IKEA would DEF be on my list of things to do!

Heather can't wait to hear your IKEA suggestions!
Laura said…
I am frugal and I've made a decision about shopping. If I love it and I'm going to wear it a ton or otherwise really enjoy it, I'll pay full price. Otherwise I will see if it goes on sale.
I've never been to Ikea, but now that I've read this I'm wondering if perhaps I should at least check it out?? The closest one to us is about an hour away so it hasn't been worth the trip up until now, lol. Those perfume bottles are quite beautiful!
I'm with you Laura!! TMM - GOOOOOOO!
Nessa Bixler said…
They are so pretty! I think my body splash need a new home...

I love their feather pillow inserts. They have last a few years and are at least half the price of other places.. Buy or make pillow covers and it is WAY cheaper than store bought - store bought poly-fill that break down in no time.
oooooooooo Nessa - agreeeeed on the pillow inserts!!