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19 April 2012


Pin It

Good afternoon all!

In case you missed it, I wanted to tell y'all about the new group PIN-FAIL and PINTASTIC boards I made for us. Basically, you pin anything that fails miserably into the PIN-FAIL board and anything that is brilliant into the PINTASTIC board. We are basically creating a little club of true "consumer reports" among like minded girls!   ...and PS -- DON'T BE MEAN!  We are saying whether something works or doesn't work -- remember it could be YOU doing the recipe wrong...so be polite with your PIN-FAILS!

 If you think you would like to be a contributer to the board, just let me know your pinterest name and we'll get you hooked up!  If you would like to just follow along, we welcome you!!!

Until then -- be PINTASTIC!

Check out the PINTASTIC board right HERE!
Check out the PIN-FAIL board right HERE!
(just a sidenote, the pintastic board has like 2 followers while the PIN-FAIL board has almost 500...wonder what THAT says...)


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