PARTY on a PENNY WEEK! | NOTHING should be leftover!

WELCOME to the nest for PARTY on a PENNY Week!
Did you miss yesterday's post?   You can read about the $25 Pirate Party Games HERE.  
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On to more penny saving party ideas....
One of the ways I keep party costs down is by making sure that most everything has a dual purpose.  If it is part of a game, it should also be a favor.  If it is a food supply, I should try to turn it into a game.  Are there kickboards on clearance at WalMart?  Perfect.  The boys need them for summer and I've got the perfect game.....

What kind of game can you play with kickboards????
Why Couch Wack-a-Gator of course!
Wack an alligator kickboard in this case....

Then there was the theme of the party to begin with.  I get the opinions from the boys and then take one and run with it.  Earlier this year, littlest bebe got a Diego/ Jungle Animal Party (hence the alligator's popping up behind the couches).  We had some room decals hidden away from Nana that worked perfectly for games, decor and a craft activity the day before for all the boys.  The poster board was leftover from some photos, so this little game was basically free.   I did a simple rendition of red light-green light using march, swing and look in your telescope based on the posters.  Easy, cheap and fun once the kids got the hang of how to do it.

Those room decals were placed on balloons, sealed up treat bags and plastered on walls.  Speaking of treat bags....they were full of little animal crackers in baby and mama sizes.  We used both in a mama-baby matching game that used up time before dinner was served.

Wondering about those animal print fabrics covering the table?  They are remnants from WalMart (can you tell where I shopped for this party?) rolled over on the edges and layered for the table.  They cost about $5 for 3 lengths of the fabric and the plan is to actually make a shirt out of them at some point.

The big purchase of the day?  Regular priced animal print napkins ($3) and animal face plates ($2).  All-in-all the party supplies (games, decorations and paper supplies) cost around $20.  ...and I've got three kickboards and a bunch of fabric for a shirt (hopefully) leftover!

Get ready to share your best party secrets!  It is party time here at the nest and while I am sharing my PARTY on a PENNY stories, I want you to get ready to share any tips and tricks YOU might have!  There will be a new post every day until FRIDAY when it is your turn!  Make sure to get linked up and share your stuff!!!

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Jeanette said…
Love all the ideas you have been posting! We did a pirate party for my autistic son a couple of weeks ago and of course did it on a budget - no shelling out tons of money for a one-day event here!
I love the Whack a Gator idea. I think I might use that one in children's church.
HI Jeanette -

Would love to hear your take on the differences in planning when you are celebrating an autistic child - would you care to share more??