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18 April 2012

PARTY on a PENNY WEEK! | Favors + Food = GAMES

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Welcome back to Party on a Penny Week!

Remember Monday when I told you all about our pirate party?  
Well I left out something important....THE FOOD!

We had the classic birthday food (hot dogs!) and I couldn't think of anything brilliant to make them pirate themed, but I DID find some gold whales (instead of goldfish) at the dollar store.  Pirates meet whales on the open seas, right?  RIGHT.  Instead of simply piling them on the plates, they were also a party game.

While the hot dogs were finishing, every kid got a plate and a handful of whales.  I gave them "tasks" and whoever finished first earned a gold "coin" (butterscotch candy).  Easy stuff like:

Stack 5 whales on top of each other.
Make a circle around the rim of your plate.
Write the first letter of your name.
Make 3+2+4+5.
Whatever.   You can get creative or keep it simple based on ages.

The kiddos were much more into this than I thought they would be, so score 1 for mama~!

If you remember from Monday's post, the kids already had "treasures" from the trunk for their favor bags and then they earned gold 'butterscotch' coins from the whale game, so their treat bags are filling up.  Add to the treats gold chocolate coins.  I used these for a ton of games.  The first and easiest was a simple hunt around the porch and garden.  Hide them better than you think you need to - kids are SMART and it is no fun to hunt for obvious stuff!  Make it difficult!  I also used them as rewards for the tossing game and a trampoline game...you could use them for anything.  Gold wrapped chocolate anything is never bad...and they sell them in the bulk section of the grocery store, so the price isn't bad!
So when it was all said and done, the kiddos had stuffed favor bags, 
my kids had goldwhale snacks for a week and played pirate games for 2.   
Parties don't have to be elaborate, just imaginative!

Now go party!!

I've got one more post tomorrow, but my ideaas are drying up - I NEED YOU!
Remember to come back FRIDAY to link up YOUR ideas, pictures, party printables and MORE!

Missed a post this week?

FRIDAY - YOUR party ideas -- link them up!


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