Pantry Planting Celery - Where does it go???

By now, you have probably seen a thousand ways to plant celery on pinterest. No? Here are all the chop off the bottom part of the celery and plant it just slightly under the soil.  A few weeks later, you have a brand new hosue plant!  Yay!  Who knew house plants grew from the veggie crisper??  Easy right? Right.  Of course, what they DON'T tell you is what happens to the celery AFTER you plant it.

That is where I come in...

Welcome to my pantry planting experiment pot -- Welcome to my celery plant.

After you plant the celery "bum", water a bit each day until little leaves start to appear.  They look like these:

After a few weeks, you will have a decent looking celery PLANT instead of just a piece of celery in the ground with a few leaves. At this point, you can harvest the leaves if you choose.  The questions is - what is going on underground?  Is that chunk of celery still there?  Can I dig it up and eat it?  Does celery grow underground?  The answer is no.  The "mother" celery that you planting has rotted and nourished the soil that your new celery plant is growing from.  A small portion of the crown remains and roots have begun to grow.  Wanna see?


Now if you want your plant to grow, you probably don't want to uproot it like this.  I'm just being your guinea pig.  ...but now you know!  That hunk of celery has transformed itself into a full fledged celery plant and is about to begin the process of making actual celery.

NOW if only we liked EATING celery...
I think I'll probably stick to pantry planting potatoes...and onions...and my fav...GINGER!

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Cindy said…
Very Cool! I love adding celery to my soups. Never thought of planting the ends though! Thanks for the info!
Maggie said…
Growing up, I was never a huge fan of celery, but as a grown-up (I guess I am now), I've discovered that it's a great filler-vegetable. I dice it up and throw it in soups, pasta sauces, salads - really anywhere. The flavor isn't too mild, and it's relatively inexpensive, so it's good to have on hand as a filler!
I feel the same way about carrots.
Can you just replant a celery you get from the store and just keep on clipping it? Is it possible to have just one celery you keep on eating from or do you have to eventually plant another one?
TMM - I haven't harvested much, but I believe it would be similar to other leaf edibles. It you leave enough for it to photosynthesize (1/3-2/3 of the plant), it will just keep growing new leaves. If you want the actual celery however, you would have to stop harvesting the leaves. After harvesting the actual celery you could replant THAT mama bum and the cycle will continue.
Cindy and Maggie -

Y'all are encouraging me to keep trying celery. I guess if the French use it as their mirepoix base, I shouldn't be so quick to dismiss it. Right??

The actual reason I bought the celery was to follow a veggie stock recipe. I've been buying veggie stock and the cartons are like $3-4!!! for VEGETABLE stock! So I made my own with celery and I liked the taste and there was no 'overwhelming' celery flavor. I just wished I liked the raw is enticing that "I am burning calories while I'm eating" thing, you know? Of course, it probably doesn't work quite as well when you are dunking the celery in nutella...
prairiesummers said…
I have to admit I don't like raw cellery. I trie because it is healthy and all but I often use it in soups, sauces, stews etc so I might give it a go. Spring onions worked perfectly, Jen