Faking Baker's Twine and the Dollar Store Version

I try not to jump on crafting trends.  I really do.  If something gets big, I try to stay away.  Problem is?  Baker's twine is just too cool.  I really like it.  I mean I was a twine girl to begin with and then this baker's twine comes out in all these beautiful colors and I just gotta tell you -- it has been in my amazon cart like 40 TIMES, but I have never bought it.  Why?  It's hot.  Everyone loves it and it is everywhere.  You know what happens when a crafting supply is hot?  It gets expensive.  No longer is baker's twine super cheap because it is utilitarian.  Now it is a bonafide craft supply and it is expensive.  SO.  I never pulled the trigger.  I didn't buy it, but I wanted it.  I wanted some bad.


I saw lots of tutorials about DIY Baker's Twine.  Well that's a step in the right direction, right?  Right.   So instead of buying string and colored paint...I used what was lying around in the closet.  Green embroidery thread and white paint.  5 minutes watching "The Voice" and 20 minutes of drying later and voila - baker's twine.  Kinda.

It works.  It is cute.  I could have done a better job if I had taken...oh...10 minutes to do the job a little more neatly.  
For then though -- it worked.  It worked until I went to the dollar store........

Why did I got to the dollar store?
To get disaster supplies, clearly.


Yes...I've been stocking up on some very basic disaster supplies.  Every few weeks I go to the dollar store and get $10 or so of matches, soap, aspirin etc. etc.  Not that we think a disaster is looming, but we've been trying to be somewhat prepared.  yes?  yes.  So here we are walking down the aisle at the dollar store and suddenly it's as if the clouds open up above and the sunshine beams down in the home supplies aisle.  All the sudden...there was my solution.  Dollar store baker's twine.  Well kind of.    See?

Want to see more of these tin cans on parade?  Check out my contributor post @ Dearest Nature!

What is that stuff?

Well...you've got a couple of clues already.

It is on disaster supply checklists.
It is found at the dollar store.
It look's kind-of like baker's twine.

If you can guess correctly before moving on to the next photo, you get 2 points.


Go for it.....guess!

Did you guess clothesline?

It comes in green, blue and red, found at your local dollar store for a measly BUCK, it can be used for OUTDOOR crafting and if disaster strikes, you can head to your craft closet for supplies.

Now tell the truth, did you guess before I told you???


why couldn't you have posted yesterday.... before i went to the dollar store?!?!? now i have to go back. ;)
so what did you spray the cans with? did you prime them first? i am painting cans for teacher gifts and want to make sure it sticks! :)
haha Cassie :) It is any of the dollar trees...and one is right next to Salvation Army and Jimmy Johns so....

I just spray painted the cans with two coats of "construction line paint". It is the industrial stuff that shoots down for construction workers to paint lines on the ground with. I got a bunch @ Ollies for 99 cents. If you want it to STICK, my best advice is to make sure the cans are BONE dry. I've never used primer on cans, but the brown ones I painted last year have lasted. They are probably 3 coats? of regular spray paint. Any moisture though and the finish goes bye bye!

How's THAT for a long winded answer?
Maggie said…
Definitely have about 150 yards of fake baker's twine at home! Not clothesline, though - I made a spindle and spun twine from strips of plastic shopping bags.
...I'm a nerd...
That's not nerdy -- THAT's AWESOME!
Torviewtoronto said…
lovely idea and choice of colours are wonderful
Ohhh...this is so good! I love baker's twine, but don't love how pricey it is. Thanks for the tip. :)
I bought a few of these a while back b/c I knew they'd be good for something, just haven't figured out what yet!
I bought like 10!! I knew I would use them everntually -- great minds must think alike ;)
Very clever (both the indoor and the outdoor alternatives!)

I thought this might be the rope that you use for setting up tents etc. Now I'll definitely have a peek at the clothesline in my Dollar Store.

Visiting from HOH!
Amy Renea said…
Snap up a bunch -- it doesn't last long!
Kristin said…
How awesome! I love the Dollar Store =)

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