Do your pinboards define your style?

You've heard me talk about defining your style before. I wrote about it on Houzz and I think Darlene does a great job of explaining style over at FH.

I think it is fascinating the way there is a tiny style seed planted inside everyone and the more you grow, the more your style emerges. Then you can prune away at your style until you've got this perfectly defined "plant" or style. Then it all changes with one storm and you start all over again.  Of course you start all over with the leaves and the branches and the flowers, but those roots are always the same.  Grounded and steady and defining, but they don't determine everything.  Fascinating! 

So I started looking around at pinboards and noticing that some people have very defined pinboards and others are kind of all over the place.  It was interesting to look at the boards and see who has their style nailed (or pinned!) down and who is growing at the moment - watching their style change and morph into something different than before.

I know you need visuals...they are coming..hold your horses!

First up is Torie Jayne.  Her boards have a CLEAR sense of style.  Board after board after board.  You know what she likes, what she is drawn to -- you KNOW melamine is her THING.

 Find Tori Jayne's site HERE.  Torie Jayne's Pinterest is HERE.

Then there is Coco.  Poor Coco must think I am stalking her because I just talk about her all the time, but she has no idea who I am.  I am so enthralled with her style...this kind of moody, calm, natural look that invades all of her photos and is clearly inspiring to her based on her boards.  See it?

 Visit Coco's Roost HERE.  Check out Coco's Pinboards right HERE!

Then there are the sourcepages.  Type in and you can see all the various things that have been pinned from that site.  Sometimes they are all over the board, but sometimes you see a site that has a CLEAR defined vision.  The sourcepage below is from Dearest Nature, a new new nature inspired design site by Donaville Herrick.  The typography, the colors, the material, the style is all consistent across the board.

Check out Dearest Nature right HERE!

So now that I have examined everyone else's boards, I guess I must take a peek at mine.  Clearly I'm still developing :)  It is clear I like white space, I like bold, but not necessarily bright color.  Black and white and shadows are truly beautiful to me.  ...and I like doughnuts.

Want to see my pinboards up close?  Click HERE!  Want to see all the donut recipes?  Click HERE!

If I take a closer look at my main boards, the ones on the top row, I see more of a theme.  Those first 4 ('A Nest for All Seasons', the gardens, the bites, and the nest) are all my photography, and they do seem quite similar in style.  My inspiration board?   Not so much -- that puppy is ALL over the place.

So what is the point?  Is it desirable to have a style?  YES.  Is it wrong to have a bunch of different styles?  NO.  I think you are simply growing when you are looking at different styles and testing them out in your home, in your art and through your eyes.  I think it is good to nail down a style as an artist, but you should be ever open to change when it comes.  My goal?  Combine this love for deep shadows and natural photography with this love for lightness and brightness and white and soft.  Combine the two the way I see them through my eyes and that is my art.  That is my own personal style that no one else has exactly. I feel like my headers are getting there.  I am starting to capture the exact look I want...the right colors, the right typography, the simple photography.  Now I just keep expanding and growing my style.  Until a storm comes, then I start all over again -- maybe I'll hop on a vintage tea towel, bright reds and oranges and totally all about strawberries kick.  Who knows?  For now though it is white colanders and tone on tone quilts, dirt and shadow, burlap and bulbs.

So no judgement....just awareness -- have you looked at YOUR pinboards with a defining eye lately?  You might be surprised what you see!

Want to learn more about defining your style?  Read my article 'just love' on HOUZZ!


Laurel said…
Such a great way to think through style. The other thing that jumped out at me is color - there are strong color themes that accompany different styles.

Thanks for sharing!

Laurel at SoPo Cottage
My style seems to be toddler, lol ;D