Bad Photographs Make Good Headers

Be very very careful when deleting photos when culling. Often the little mistakes can turn into opportunities for an interesting header. Case in point?

I mis-focused on this was one where I just put the camera by my knee and snapped because I didn't want to hold up the line of people behind me.  It didn't work out so great.

Typically, I would throw it out because the angle is bad and the focus is in the center of the photo instead of the front where I wanted it, but then I saw an opportunity for using both of those things to my advantage by turning the photo into a header size.  By cropping off the unfocused portion and adding a lens flare on the same angle of the tilt, I've now got a photo I love!

Coming soon to a blog header near you...

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Miss Kitty said…
I always love your ever changing headers...each one is so interesting. This potentil new one with the field of tiny white flowers is great! Is the "lens flare" an effect that is added in a photography software program? Sometimes before I delete a "bad" photo, I ask myself "is there any tiny portion of this that would look good cropped"?
HI Miss Kitty! I've missed you :) Yes, the sunflare is an editing effect I have in photoshop. I believe it is fairly standard and in Elements, but I am not positive??
Maybe someone else knows about Elements? Anybody??

oh and THANK YOU for liking the ever changing headers...I sometimes worry that my blog is unrecognizable because it changes so often, but just like my home -- I can't keep it the same for long. I get bored and I get excited about new photos and...anyhow...just love that someone out there likes them ;)
That turned out beautiful!
So beautiful! I'm totally inspired!