The Weekly Rhubarb on Sponsored Content

Welcome to the Weekly Rhubarb!!  Confused?!  Read about the creation of the Weekly Rhubarb right HERE!

This week's rhubarb is inspired by an article on sponsored content from Creature Comforts.  Ez gives her approach to sponsored content and invites her readers to join her as she partners with a brand.  A good appraoch I think - up front -- honest -- but clearly focused a business.

My questions for YOU is how you deal with sponsored content.  Do you allow brands to sponsor blog posts?  Do they contribute to any of the content?  Do you skip blog posts that are sponsored?

As a reader, I typically skip ad posts.  If the post is talking all about a brand, I don't typically finish reading.  I don't think I am alone.  I think sponsored content is a good way to get brand names in front of readers without diluting your content.  Say a garden brand approaches me and wants to sponsor garden posts - that is a no brainer for me.  I'm writing garden posts all the time and the brand can slide in seamlessly.  ...but this ain't a post on sponsored content - it is a RHUBARB on sponsored content, so share your thoughts - bare your souls....what do you love to hate about sponsored content??