The Weekly Rhubarb (aka controversy...)

As much as I like to fancy myself a peacemaker and would love to be a calm, even-minded person, I am not.  I love a good controversy.  (Perhaps this explains my weird compulsion to watch the Bachelor?)  Once in a while I come across a blog post that feels really controversial.  The author is bluntly honest and shares his or her thoughts no holds barred.  I like reading those posts and I love reading the comments.  I typically don't comment myself because I try to keep my mouth shut when I'm not 100% sure of what I would like to say. Comments or no, the posts make me think, and I hope they make you think too.

Now if you are human, you also probably enjoy a little bit of good controversy.  A healthy banter, a classic debate, an old fashioned rhubarb.

Ummm....what?  What does rhubarb have to do with anything?

Well, in searching for another word for controversy (that word is a bit too controversial, don't you think?) I came upon the term "rhubarb" in regards to a fight on the field (particularly in baseball).  The phrase is supposed to have originated when radio announcers used the phrase "rhubarb, rhubarb, rhubarb" to connote the crowds rumbling in the stands and quickly became accepted as the term for a classic baseball fight on the pitcher's mound.

While I've never pitched a baseball in my life, the idea of a small ruckus, an impassioned squall over a philosophical topic -- a rhubarb seems the perfect term.

So welcome to the Weekly Rhubarb where I share the post (or posts) that have made me THINK this week.  I won't share my opinion quite yet, but I would love to hear yours!  Go read the post and share your thoughts and feelings if you dare!  (If you comment on the poster's blog, I encourage you to be VERY kind and respectful if you disagree with his or her position...this is not a free-for-all...just a rhubarb! )

So without further ado, I encourage you to check out the Weekly Rhubarb over at Mama in the Kitchen.  Her topic? 

I have an opinion (of course), but I am far more curious about what YOU think!
...and remember, if you disagree - you MUST be kind!  I won't publish mean comments!

If YOU have a post you would like to have considered for an upcoming Weekly Rhubarb, email me at  I am looking for intelligently written posts, covering controversial subjects in an opinionated, but non-violent (and non-nasty) manner.


Laura said…
what a fun idea! I'll be curious what posts you share :).
me too ;) I love these kind of controversies :)