PTO Pots

I don't know if your PTO is anything like my PTO, but mine is VERY active.  (Perhaps a little too active to tell the truth...)  Typically there are 3 emails a day and various papers sent home about a host of activities and volunteer activities.  Now, don't get me wrong == I think the PTO is a great thing...they are supporting our schools and our kiddos and they are wonderful.  However, it is a weird kind of satisfaction to use up the mass piles of PTO papers making little paper pots for my seedlings...(is that wicked??)

DIY Toilet Paper and Compost Seedling Pots at A Nest for All Seasons

Are you wondering how to get the rounded rectangular shape?  It is quite easy!  My secret is a little can of Old Bay.  It is the perfect size, metal and strong and creates the perfect handmade biodegradable pots.

1.  Cut (or rip) a sheet of paper approximately 6" by 3".  If the paper is thin (like newspaper) stack several sheets this size together.

2.  Set the can (or jar or whatever you choose to use) in the middle of the paper.  Wrap the paper around and secure with a tiny piece of tape.

3.  Fold the bottom of the pot up like a present or coin roll (anybody still using coin rolls???)

4.  Secure with another little piece of tape and fill with your choice of potting soil.

It takes maybe 20 seconds to make each pot...the perfect activity to keep your hands busy while watching the kids ride their bikes on the driveway.

DIY Toilet Paper and Compost Seedling Pots at A Nest for All Seasons

Other options include toilet paper tubes, newspaper pots (I still use the Old Bay can for these), yogurt cups and old planting pots.  I clearly use whatever I have on ain't pretty!

Feel free to share your thoughts on PTO and please share your method for making newspaper (or PTO paper) pots.

Speaking of sharing...I'll be sharing this post on Gardener's Day.  You should absolutely link up your garden posts there if you have them!!  Extra traffic and exposure never hurt anyone, now did it???


Nessa Bixler said…
I bet that does make you feel good! Good use for junk mail... eerr I mean really important PTO papers.
LiLu Studios said…
I have been practicing "green" gardening this year and thus far we've used Eggshells and Toilet paper tubes- You can see my posts at these links:

Eggshell Seed Starters:

Toilet Paper Tubes: