Making Bunting...the curvy, lurvy kind....

So you want a little bunting in your life, but you aren't quite sure where to start...I am here to help!  This is a simple method (I am not positive that it is the RIGHT way, but it is A way and you only need scraps of fabric and cursory knowledge of a sewing machine.  The first thing you need to make is a very loose version of bias tape to attach the flags.  I used a long scrap of fabric that was 3" wide and attached several lengths until it was around 8-9' long.  You simply make it as long as you want the bunting to be.

Interior view of home-sewn "Bias Tape"
Here is the inside of the bias tape.  Basically, you fold both edges into the center and sew a straight line all the way down the middle of the bias tape.  
The flags will nestle into the crease in the middle and both sides fold over so that you have 2 finished edges.  

Check out the photo below.  Do you see how the little flag just sits in the pocket and the two sides fold over? 

Sewing Flags into Pocket of Bias Tape

Sewing Curvy Bunting Flags
On to the flags themselves (I call them flags...I'm not really sure of the correct name - anyone care to enlighten me?).  You can create curvy flags, pointy flags, square flags, triangles -- whatever your pleasure!  Simply freehand the shape you like out of scrap fabric and cut out a bunch of little shapes based on your template.  Once they are cut out, place two shapes back-to-back inside out and sew around the outer seam.  Turn them inside out and you have a bunch of little flags.  Alternatively, you can use a material like felt and just cut the shapes -- no sewing required!  You can also go for a rustic look with a cotton and just leave the edges frayed.  Once you have your flags complete and the bias tape prepped, you simply put the whole shebang together.  Get you pile of flags ready and one by one feed them into the pocket if your bias tape.  Go slowly and inch your way down the entire length of the bunting.  When you are finished, snip the loose thread off either end and hem the very start and end of the bunting if you choose.  Then go hang it in your shed for some girliciousness!

Curvy Flags on Homemade Bunting
Now it is your turn!  Go make some bunting!
What have you been creating lately?

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