If You've Never Tackled a DIY Project....

If you have NEVER tackled a DIY project, but just love to read blogs and scan pinterest and dream about all the crafty things you want to do...this project is a great place to start.

Remember this little rocker for my girlified shed makeover?   Chair makeovers are one of the SIMPLEST DIY projects you can take on and they have a HUGE impact.  I am of the school of thought that there is no such thing as too many chairs (or too many chalkboards and seeds, but that is another story...). They are the perfect all purpose piece of furniture for any room. Small enough to fit in anywhere, large enough to make a statement and FUNCTIONAL beyond belief!
The second reason why chairs are a great first project for you? THEY ARE CHEAP! If you don't find a cheap chair at your local thrift store, auction or just sitting on the side of the road, wait a week. One will pop up. There are always chairs for $1-5 or simply free -- you might just have to be patient for a little bit.

Thirdly, chair redos are EASY and they require the most basic of tools. You will need:

1. Spray Paint or Paint and a Brush
2. Sandpaper (just a little)
3. A small piece of fabric
4. Staple Gun and Staples

HOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOllllld on just a minute. You said I need the most basic of tools. Staple guns are NOT basic and I don't have on and I don't want to buy one. OK. Use a hammer and nails, but it is going to take longer and once you do one chair, you will be on the DIY bandwagon and it is VERY hard to get back off and staple guns are a DIY girl's best friend (screw diamonds). How's THAT for a runon sentence :P

So where should you get those things if you don't have them sitting in your garage?

1. Spray Paint -- My favorite source is Ollies. They have 99 cent spray paint (always...the selection of colors is just limited sometimes) and it doesn't matter what brand/type of spray paint it is, it is always $1. Why do I love this? Because I get super industrial spray paints that are stronger and hold better...like automotive paint....for pennies. Alternatively, you can buy spray paint at any hardware store or big box store, but DO NOT buy the very cheapest version. The cheap stuff doesn't stick right and you end up using more paint anyway. (For example, I am a HUGE fan of Lowe's, but their store brand spray paint is bollocks). A brand like Krylon is normally pretty safe.

2. Paint and a Brush -- My all time favorite source for paint is Lowe's OOPS paint section. When the employees mistint the paint or someone doesn't pick up what they have ordered, Lowe's (and Home Depot) have a section where they mark paint down to $5. They recently upped the prices a bit (I guess too many people found out about the "secret" stash), but it is still a good deal. Just be patient until the color is one you truly love. WalMart has OOPS paint as well, but it is only 50% off and the paint is not as good as the Martha Stewart and Valspar brands at Lowes. Brushes? Ollies again ;) Big Lots also has good brushes for cheap, and the dollar stores have OK brushes, but be prepared to pull little hairs out of the paint job from the cheap brushes. Just go with spray paint, k?

3. Sandpaper -- For this job, you just need a little bit and it doesn't matter how good it is. Just get whatever you find on clearance.

4. Fabric -- You can probably find an old shirt in your closet that you don't want anymore that will work perfectly fine. Alternatively, you should look in the remnants section of fabric stores (or in Wal-Mart's fabric section) It is usually by the desk where they cut bolts of fabric, and there are little rolls of leftover fabric with paper wrapped around them with the price. Don't unwrap the paper or they will not sell them to you. Look for almost a yard of fabric, and it should cost between $1-2.

5. Staple Gun and staples. Buy a basic metal version from any hardware or big box store. Check the back of the package to make sure you get the right staples. This will be your most expensive purchase ($10-$25), but like I said...it is the first step into major DIYhood...DO IT!

I'll make it easy for you...here is a light duty gun with the right staples....about $15 total.

So now you have spent about $5 on paint, $15 on a staple gun, $1-2 on a chair and $1-2 on fabric.  You are at around a $25 investment and you are really using about 30 cents worth of staples (and wear on the gun??).  So anyway...your 25 bucks will buy you a new chair (about what it costs to buy a new chair at Target) and you get the added bonus of owning a staple gun which will propel you into more and more and more DIY projects.  You can thank me later ;)

Now on to actually redoing the chair.  This project take about 20 minutes of hands on time and about 3-4 hours to let paint dry etc.  Quicky Tutorial coming soon!


Great, thanks for all the references! I haven't done a chair, but I've done other diy projects and so now I'm absolutely hooked, lol!

Can't wait to work on my dining room chairs. They really badly need a face lift!!!
Nessa Bixler said…
I don't know why painting furniture makes me nervous. I just need to do it.
Amy Fountain said…
Nice work on the chair! Really looks chic
I'd love to see the finished product TMM!

Nessa - JUMP IN GIRL!! The water is only cold at first!