Dresser Drawer & Window Cold Frames | FREEkDesign

So you've got your newspaper pots all ready to go, 
but nowhere to put them...  

You have stacks of peat pots, 
but they keep blowing over in the wind...

You don't want to spend money on trays and greenhouses, 
so what to do?   

Go trash picking!

First things first -- you need some containers.  I use a combination of leftover black plastic pots from the year before, yogurt cups, toilet paper tubes, peat pots and newspaper rolls - whatever I can get my hands on for free!

Then you need to keep watch for dresser drawers and spare windows in the weekly trash or hanging out in your garage.  I found my dresser drawers in the weekly trash and the windows buried under weeds behind my shed.

Then simply fill the drawers full of all of your little pots, flats, etc as tight as possible so nothing will be moving around in there.

Cover the drawers with a piece of glass on cold days (and nights), but either take the glass off or allow it to vent so your seeds don't cook!  Be careful not to prop your window up against the fence behind your setup on a windy day.  OOPS.  Good thing there were at least 35 spare windows behind our shed... : /

How do YOU get your FREEkDesign on in the garden?  
Have you rescued anything from the trash lately?
Do YOU use toilet paper rolls for pots every spring?

Are you a FREEkaholic??
I am.

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You've been busy! It will be well worth it too when they sprout - good luck little seeds!
FREEkaholic... Love it. Sure, I think we all like some free trash, right? Great use of the toilet paper holders! I put mine in the recycle bin.
Nessa Bixler said…
Great idea!

Last year I raided the recycle bin on my street for old plastic bottles and containers. My seedling needed more room - but the ground wasn't quite ready so they got an upgrade.
Jenny Yarbrough said…
I love this idea for recycling TP rolls! Biodegradable too! Thank for linking up today. I pinned this to the GTPR Challenge!
Caroline said…
Awesome idea! I love it!