Cute and Simple Polka Dot Bulletin Board

There is perhaps no easier project that this one I am sharing with you today.  The materials are few (and cheap!).  The methods are simple and the time is minimal.  Who can ask for more?  oh yes...cuteness -- that is covered too!

The story starts with a plain jane corkboard (yard sales have these in abundance for a dollar or two!).  You probably have one sitting somewhere around your home.

The plot thickens when you want a little va-va-voom in your office (or closet!).  Pick out your favorite bit of fabric, or take a trip to the remnant bin for 1/2 a yard or so.  (What?!  You've never been diggin through a remnant bin?  Start out by visiting your local WalMart...visit the fabric section and ask the nice ladies for the remnant bin.  They'll show you.  You'll never buy off the bolt again.  Ok...maybe you will if you need more than a yard of fabric, but who needs more than a yard of fabric anyway annnnnnnnnd HUSH.  Just go.  Buy pretty fabric.)  Another tip - exterior fabric works really well for this project, so if you find some, grab it!

I chose polka dot fabric.  In red...and brown and black and navy too, but who is counting...

Exterior Red and White Polka Dot Fabric from WalMart (Remnant!)
You will need a couple tools for the job, namely a staplegun and either pins or brads.  I chose to use little white pushpins because they matched the white polka-dots.  The little brads that are used for chair trim can be really cute for these boards too.  It is your choice - anything that can be pushed into the cork works.
Once you have your materials, you have a few simple steps.

#1  Iron the Fabric.  I know -- I don't iron either.  It is a flat piece of cloth though and will make a difference.  Do it.  Add starch if you are brave!

#2 Lay the fabric down on the table (or floor) face side down.  Lay the corkboard centered in the fabric face side down.  

#3 Pull the fabric taunt (but not tight) and staple along the back edges at 12,6,3 and 9 (like a clock!) in that order.  If you need a staplegun, this kit (gun and staples) is a good deal @ $12.

#4 Turn the board around and start pinning the fabric down around the inside edges of the frame.  With the polka dot pattern, I tried to place the white pins in the diagonal red spaces to make the spacing intentional instead of random.

Pushpins Along Inner Frame Edge

#5  Pin stuff on your board!  You are done!  You only started 5 minutes ago!  Congratulations!


Nessa Bixler said…
That makes me happy!!
I LOVE it!!! I also featured it on my blog! :]