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27 February 2012

What is IN all of those Dresser Drawers?!

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Last month, I guest posted at OrgJunkie about the way I organize my home with dresser after dresser after dresser.  What -- you missed it?  Go check it out HERE...

The comment was made that dresser drawers are sometimes hard to keep organized...and I agree!  The readers asked to see inside my dresser drawers, so I am here today to oblige :)

This is a dresser in my dinding room that I keep food styling and decorative items in.  It is a traditional 6 drawer dresser with farily deep drawers.  The way I look at these drawers is as if they are little vignettes themselves.  I seperate the drawers based on color and materials and arrange the drawers so that they look beautiful when I open them.  If they start getting cluttered, some stuff has to GO!

This drawer is the glass drawer...a few little dark metal accents and it is good to go~!
This drawer is the pink drawer...a bit of blnd wood and contrasting white and red compelte the look.

This drawer is the gold drawer...clearly right?  Browns fill out the palette.

This drawer is the white is a bit sparse because I am using a few of the items right now.

This drawer is the wood drawer...all natural browns, oranges, yellows and greens.

This drawer is the blue drawer...accented with lime, ivory and black.

So that's it!!  All my drawers wrapped up in a pretty little white dresser!

What's in your drawer?

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