Mezcal Crema

Can you guess what this is??
It might look a little like sour cream...
Or a yogurt mint sauce, perhaps??

Take a closer look...

Does the cilantro give it away a little??
...or perhaps the title?? :)

This is Mezcal Crema, a Mexican version of sour cream with a nice jolt and kick.   I've got to give credit to Alex -- he was the chef in the kitchen for this condiment and I loved it so much, I made him let me put the recipe here.  You are lucky!

It is a simple condiment, most of the flavor stemming from a tequila marinated jalapeno.  You simply finely dice a jalapeno and add enough tequila to cover (just a T or so) and let it soak overnight.  Throw the mixture in the blender with a little kosher salt and then mix with a traditional sour cream.


It isn't exactly what I was looking for with my spicy guacamole experiment, but it is quite close and is a fabulous addition to a spicy Mexican meal.  The cream is deceptive because it is soothing and cooling and then BAM hits you with a second note of heat and tequila.  So interesting....all in a little unassuming goblet.

Mezcal Crema

1 jalapeno -- finely diced
2 T Mezcal Tequila
1-2 Cups of Sour Cream (to taste)

If you like it hot, add less sour cream!!  For more authentic flavor, go for a Mexican Creme Fraiche and the true Mezcal Tequila.  In a pinch, go for good ole American sour cream and whatever tequila is on the shelf (if you don't drink, you could get a "nip" would be plenty for this recipe!).  We made this quite mild for a recent family dinner, but tend to like it spicier!  Experiment and taste as you go!!


Oh there's the tequila again! This recipe looks good too, thanks Amy!