How to Make Money Off Your Blog with Amazon Associates

So you have been working with adsense and the pennies they are giving you are really can't even get up to the $10 cash out mark and Blogher won't accept you yet because your traffic isn't high enough.  You know that you have a loyal following that supports you, but you don't know how to make money.

Enter Amazon Associates.

Amazon Associates is a simple program that allows you to refer people to their site for a cut.  There are hundreds of affiliate programs and opportunities, but they typically connect you with a single brand.  For example, you become an affiliate for Shabby Apple, place their ad on your blog and receive a kickback every time someone buys a dress from them.  It is a great system and allows you to hook up with advertisers that fit your blog.  The only problem is that a company like Shabby Apple is only offering dresses.  You have to cast a VERY wide net to get enough readers clicking through and buying dresses for you to make a decent income.  Amazon, on the other hand, sells books and movies and food and games and TVs and kitchenware and probably even houses.  They sell everything and everyone shops at amazon.

Here is the #1 best thing about amazon associates that I didn't know when I first signed up.  If someone clicks over to amazon from your blog through an affiliate link, it doesn't matter WHAT they buy -- you get a kickback.  So say someone reading my post on How to Make Vanilla Extract is curious about growing a vanilla plant, so they click this link just to look at it...

...buuuuut they get distracted because they see that book they have been meaning to get on the amazon sidebar.  They click the book, purchase it quickly and then go back to checking their email.  That person just gave me a kickback even though they didn't buy the vanilla plant.  It rocks.  (Thank you to all of you people out there buying books about trains and watches and books and movies and other random stuff - I APPRECIATE YOU!)

What does that mean for you? a PUBLISHER, it means Amazon is a terrific option for advertising without forcing weird products down your readers mouths.  They are already interested in what you are saying, so it is no stretch to simply provide a link where they can buy what you are talking about.  Keep in mind that every ad you place takes away a few trust bucks, so tread lightly.

As a READER, it means you should click through blogs when you decide to shop on amazon.  Say you buy diapers every month from Amazon -- if you click through your favorite blog's affiliate link to get there, you give them a little income every month.  If you are buying something big (like a TV!) you can give a little kickback to your favorite blogger by clicking through their affiliate link before you put that TV in the cart.

So how to get started?

Sign up here and then you can start creating your product links.  You can create individual links like this:

or you can create carousels like this:

or you can create a number of different options, all showcasing products that you handpick.  Simply choose the items, amazon will give you a little snippet of html that you plug into your blog post and then you can focus on creating good content while amazon pays you for your time.


Wanna join?  Click HERE!

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I didn't know that about amazon either! I love using them, and even more now that I know they still give you a kickback even though its not the original item you had published on your blog.

This is a great series! I'm learning a ton, keep them coming!
Amy Renea said…
TMM - glad it is helping!!! I'm trying to write what I wished someone had told me when I was starting out...feel free to ask ANY questions you might have!
Nessa said…
Great post, this is one of the few means of advertising that I use, and only because I am huge amazon fan and shop there often, and sometimes it's just too easy to throw in a link to the awesome baby toy that I was already talking about anyway.
Beachcomber said…

Great article. I am an Amazon Associate for a while now but I haven't made any money from it yet. Any ideas or suggestions on what I can do to start getting people to clink on my link?
Amy Renea said…
I have found most of my money from amazon is not directly on the product I am advertising. I am very up front with my readers that ANYTHING they buy from amazon after clicking through one of my links gives me a commission. I've seen people buy everything from books to prom dresses to kitchen supplies and diapers. I get a little teensy chunk of all of it because they clicked through my link to "vanilla beans" or "nikon cameras" first. I find that readers are willing to support you with the little things if you make it honest and easy for them.

Also, link to something weird, new and exciting for people - my greatest amazon click through is for vanilla beans and vanilla bean plants that I linked to when talking about making homemade vanilla. I bought my beans from amazon, so the link was a natural extension of the post. Again -- I was up front and told readers that they would be giving me a kickback if they clicked over to check out the beans and then bought whatever they were going to buy on amazon afterwards.

Does that make sense?