Houzz isn't Pinterest and That is OK

Wait - WAIT...don't shoot me yet.  Whether you are a diehard pinterest fan or loyal Houzz groupie, I am with you.  I love both, I frequent both...you could even say the addiction is shared between the two.  So don't hit me yet - I'm not bashing your favorite site - I PROMISE!

However, I gotta let you in on a secret.  Pinterest does not replace Houzz.  Yes, I know...you used to put stuff in ideabooks on Houzz, but then pinterest came along and it is so much easier, so now you are a pinteraholic.  It is ok...breathe.  You should keep pinning....but you should come take a peek at Houzz (It is kinda like JC Penney deciding to rule the world and take over Target...you want to be there when it happens, yes?).

Moving on...the top 3 ways Houzz Ain't Pinterest and That is OK!

#1  The Contributors

Now, you might think this is tooting my own horn a bit (maybe a bit...), but I've got to let you in on a little Houzz contributor secret.  Each writer is distinctly different, they all comes from different design world views and Houzz allows each contributor to write within their own voiceWhat does that mean for you?  It means that Houzz becomes this giant collaboration of design concepts, but it is not watered down and unified to make Houzz seem like a big giant interior design animal.  The point is for you to find writers, designers, architects that you love and to be inspired by them.  It is kind of brilliant isn't it?  Well I think so anyhow...

Let's break it down a bit...

First of all there is John - John is an architectural genius and always has the most divine designs to show off.

Then there is Vanessa who tours all these incredible homes and hands down has the best house tour ideabooks.

Of course there is Becky that does feature articles on style and design icons...the Toledo Stool ideabook is SO in my favorites.

...and then there is me...desperately trying to infiltrate all the design junkies with love of garden design ;)

...and the list goes on and on -- Shoshanna, Bud, Jason, Jen...  Find your favorite, then use the new follower feature (similar to the now defunct GFC) that Houzz recently added.

#2  Houzz isn't Pinterest because ideabooks are not boards.   I love my pinboards, but that is all they are.  A bunch of ideas all pinned together.  Ideabooks allow you to flesh out your ideas fully, share them with others and give meat to the idea bones.  (That sounds weird, but you know what I mean, right?)

#3  Finally, Houzz is where the architects live.  While Pinterest is queen of the crafters, DIYers and Ryan Gosling posters, Houzz has true experts ALL OVER the site.  Ask a design question, ask for a source for a product or ask how to install hardwood flooring yourself and chances are you will GET an answer.  Interestingly enough, that answer will actually be RIGHT because it is coming from an expert.  How many times have you asked a question on pinterest that just sat there?  It just isn't the site for connecting with experts (but it IS the site for finding the most amazing brownies on EARTH).

So take a few minutes and check out Houzz (My article about Ranch style homes has been sparking some discussion - why don't you join??)  ...you might never be the same again... (draMAAAAAtic!)

Cheers y'all!

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I've tried to get into Houzz. I really have. But here's the difference for me personally- blog traffic.

I have had my photos of projects on Houzz for months, and they have pretty much fizzled. I guess it takes being featured to get more exposure? Feel free to feature me! LOL Hows that for a shameless plug?

But pinterest has given me 120,000 hits to my blog in the past year. That's huge for me!

While I do like looking at the pretty home pictures on Houzz, I feel that it's more of an exclusive club feeling. The architects aren't giving me realistic, attainable projects, you know?

So, I guess you can tell where my loyalties lie! Great discussion topic, though. :)
Tracy said…
Like you, I appreciate Both sites and what they have to offer. Amy, does Houzz have a urban design blogger?