Grannie's Recipe for How to Make Homemade Yeast Bread

Meet Grannie's rolls!  No, they are not as beautiful as baby leg rolls, but they are close!!  These babies are based on yeast and eggs and are delicious (except for the time I made them for my friend Nicole and she ate an entire one without telling me that they were TERRIBLE!!  I never figured out what went wrong, but boy they were terrible!  The chickens had a feast that day!)  Anyway, every other time I have made these rolls they are DELISH.  Alex likes them much more than my BASIC BREAD RECIPE and you probably will too!  (The added sugar and oil is always a plus in my husband's book...)

The recipe is fairly straightforward once you have a little practice working with yeast breads.  The trick is to add the yeast to WARM (more hot than cold, but not steaming) water and let it "work" before adding your other ingredients.  The yeast is what gives the bread such lift.


2 c warm water ( warm as you can stand it with your fingers immersed)
1 pkg yeast (alternate measurement -- 2 1/4 tsp)
1/4 c sugar
1/2 c oil
1 large egg (or two small eggs if you are working with home laid chicken eggs)
4 c self-rising flour

Place the yeast and warm water into a large bowl.  Allow it to "work" for around 5 minutes.
Add sugar, oil and egg and allow the mix to continue "working" for another 5.
Add flour and lightly mix.  Use a wooden spoon!

See how the yeast mixture (below) is starting to bubble?  That is your sign to add the flour!

Refrigerate dough in a covered bowl (I use a flour cloth) until cool.  Grease a muffin pan and add dough.  Only fill 2/3 full -- these puppies RISE! Allow rolls to rise in the muffin pan for at least 3 hours at room temperature.  (If you allow the dough to rise in the bowl, you will also have to let it rise again once it is in the muffin pan, so it is easiest just to add the dough straight to the muffin pan.)

Bake at 375 for 20 minutes or until tops are golden.

Nope, it is not as easy as basic bread dough, but it is yummy and worth an extra step or two!!  Plus, that smell of baking bread in the house is PRICELESS!!  Alternatively, you can head to Giant or Hyvee in the morning when they are baking bread and steal a whiff from them.  Smells and sniffs are always FREE! :)


Andrea said…
Hmmm, i love to eat it, i can almost smell them. But i don't bake, i haven't tried any, so i don't have an oven, maybe because i am living alone with no mouth to feed! LOL