BEFORE and AFTER | Giving a Rocker a Facelift

Indulge me...that title makes me makes me think of some old punk rocker with pink hair sitting in the chair to get botox or something....OR something... I get to show off a favorite before and after project.  Chairs and rockers are easy and quick, and can give a room a real boost.  This rocker is part of my "grand" shed makeover (aren't you just drooooling with anticipation?)...

Now before you go all "WHY did you paint that beautiful white chair and get rid of that lovely toille -- it is SOOOOOO pretty"?!?  This sucker was DIRTY and that fabric was GONE...check out the close up!

So add a little bit of fabric, paint and elbow grease and you get...

After the chair was complete I wanted to add a little more interest, so I hung Coke bottles,
spray painted the same lovely blue as the chair, on the back posts.  The bottles can be
filled with dry flowers, grass fronds, evergreen cuttings or any type of floral you can dream up!

This rocker was the first project in my PRETTY HOUSE project.  To see more about the shed's
reformation from utilitarian to girlicious, just click HERE!

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What have you created today??


oh it looks lovely! i adore those thin spindles- so sleek!
Amy Renea said…
Thank you thank you Cassie!! I really respect your style opinion so that means a lot (not that I MADE the spindles or anything...but you know...)
Definitely better than the before. Good job!