Why Pie Plates are my Favorite Kitchen Accessory

Do you know what these are? They are humble. They are glass. They are pretty cheap. They are a little vintage....

Ok...you guessed it...this is the humble pie plate (If you didn't get the hint from the title, you must need another shot of espresso this morning...) Anywho....not only is this a humble pie plate, but it is arguably my favorite dish in the kitchen. Now while I like a pie as much as the next girl, these pie plates are rarely holding pie. In fact, more often than not they are holding veggies, or leftovers or bread or some other fine job. Join me as I give you a glimpse into the magic life of a pie plate in Amy's house.

First things first...see that wonderful little ridge on the edge of a pie plate.  It is fantastic because it stays JUST cool enough in the microwave (NOT IN THE OVEN...don't try to grab it out of the OVEN!) that you can quickly grab the plate without burning your hand.  A glass bowl...not so much.  I have 5 of these little pie plates (maybe more?) and there is always at least one in the dishwasher because I use them constantly.

Secondly, they are easier to store and easier to wash.  My pie plates stack into a small little pile that is maybe 6 inches tall.  They fit easily in a cabinet and they fit even more easily into the dishwasher.  Ever try to fit 4 glass bowls into a dishwasher?  They take up the whole top rack!  Fitting 4 pie plates in?  No biggie...they take up little more space than 4 dinner plates in the bottom rack.

Here are my favorite uses for a humble pie plate:

#1  Hands down the number 1 use for these pie plates in our home is frozen veggies.  One pie plate fits a good bag of frozen veggies.  Throw it in the microwave to add to the roast chicken or rice or whatever else we are having.  Some days two bags of veggies are thrown in two different pie plate...we like to live on the wild side...  The reason these are great for veggies is three fold...as mentioned before, I can grab them bare handed by the ridge and the wide surface area cooks veggies faster than a more vertical bowl. Thirdly, you can use two pie plates (one as a lid seen below) to steam veggies for faster microwave cooking.  Make sure the "lid" is set to the side just a bit to allow steam to escape.

#2  Cobblers.  As opposed to pie, cobblers are super NON labor intensive.  I through a bag of frozen fruit in the pan (notice a trend here?), douse it with lemon juice and little sugar and mixy mix.  Top it with a little mixture of either oats, butter and brown sugar or sugar cookie batter and you have an easy cobbler in 3 minutes...thank you pie plate!  (Cook your cobbler until the fruit gets bubbly in the oven -- about 30 minutes and do NOT grab a pie plate out of a regular oven without an over mitt....I'm going to regret telling you these can come out of the microwave with bare hands aren't I?  I feel like a bad bloggy mommy or something...leading y'all into danger...what a shame...)

#3 Leftovers.  If I serve veggies in a pie plate then I just pile on the leftovers and have an easy meal for the kiddos lunch the next day.  I typically will wrap the pie plate with plastic wrap, but you can also use a SECOND pie plate to cover your leftovers.  This isn't super stable, so I wouldn't recommend leaving two plates upended like this in the back of the fridge for a long time, but it works really really well for something like deviled eggs where you need a cover for a short period of time so the dish doesn't dry out and you don't want wrapping to touch the top of the food.

#4 Last but not least, I love pie plates because they are the perfect size to stand in as lids.  They fit perfectly on my stockpots, so whenever I make a big batch of soup, I just plop a pie plate on top right side up.  It serves the same purpose as a lid flipped over on your pot except you haven't taken your lid out of commission until the soup is gone and you don't get the handle all dirty from dipping it in the soup.  Set on top like this, you can stack other foods on the flat bottom of the pie plate as well for a super full fridge.  Be careful though - make sure you remove the pie plate before warming up your soup...it will get too hot to lift bare handed.


This is BRILLIANT! My parents had some and I would use them for pasta and anything remotely stew like. :) Love this idea and all the others you have provided. :)

Laura said…
When my grandma moved into assisted living my mom took all of her pie plates - like 10 of them. I love them, too! Although so far I've only made pies (both dessert and pot) and cakes in mine.
Becky Jane said…
If the chic Miss Amy uses her pie pans for lids then I don't feel bad anymore....I can come out of the closet and admit that I do to...lol

When we move to our new home in May, I'll be getting my first microwave (after being married for 33+ years, I know I'm a bit behind the times). I'm keeping your suggestions for future information! I need to learn all these microwave cooking tricks!
Amy Peca said…
Aim--How about gluing one of those $ store candle holders to the bottome to make a cupcake holder?...I found a cute plate at the goodwill and did it---
Amy Renea said…
Brilliant!! I've seen those on pinterest and it is just a matter of time before I give in and make one :) You are so crafty!!!
Torviewtoronto said…
so many uses lovely :)