Spinach Margaritas. Dinosaur Smoothies. (Spinach Smoothies...shhh...)

So here is the deal. You've all heard of spinach smoothies, right? Maybe you have tried them. Perhaps you blow them off because you know you would hate the (me too!).

At a certain point though, weight loss becomes NECESSARY and everyone's claims of "oh you can't taste the spinach at all!"  and "they are so gooood" start to convince you.

I am here to tell you the truth.

1.  If you make a spinach smoothie with a banana and a wee bit of fresh fruit, it will still taste like spinach.
2.  That is ok if you work yourself up to it.
3.  You can fool your kids by naming them "dinosaur smoothies" or "blueberry smoothies" or "turtle smoothies".
4.  You can fool yourself by calling them spinach margaritas.
5.  Start your spinach smoothie journey with grace.

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So let's start with the grace.  You are going to be drinking chopped up fresh spinach.  You need to ease yourself into it.  The nutritionists out there are going to kill me, but my advice is to start out with a little sugar.  (Yes, I know it defeats the purpose...but we are EASING our way into this ok?)  When you make your first smoothie, try adding the juice from the can of pineapple (NOT the heavy syrup, just the juice).  You can also try adding orange juice, lemonade or another yummy juice (that might have added sugar).  The goal eventually is to get rid of the sugary additions, but for your first couple smoothies, it is ok.  (Again, no expert here, but strong flavors and a little sugar helped me get started on this journey...)

On to the kids....calling it a "frog smoothie" (or whatever fun name you come up with) goes a looooooong way.   The reverse psychology of telling them "you can only have one cup now, but you can have another at dinner.  Please don't ask for another cup now because I will say No" works too.  Say that really sternly and they'll be begging you for spinach.

The harder challenge is convincing yourself (and your husband).  First off...you must admit to yourself that you are drinking spinach.  Don't go thinking you will be drinking a pina colada.  Next, make it delicious to YOU.  You have to add STRONG flavors to mask the greens.  A lot of people like banana in their smoothies...I hate it.  Instead, I go with really tart citrus flavors like lemon and lime.  A lot of lemon and lime.  ...and then I rim my Margarita glass with kosher salt (yes I really do), add a bunch of ice to the smoothie and drink up.  The strong salt and citrus mask the greens, pineapple adds sweetness and the ice makes it a really thick, icy drink that I prefer.  The point is to make it a drink you would actually drink...just with spinach.

Once you start craving your morning smoothie, then you can start cutting down on the sugar and fruit.  Take away a little juice here and there...add more water or ice...add more greens...try different greens, etc.

SO.  YES, you CAN drink a spinach smoothie.  NO, it will not taste as good as a Margarita.  YES, you can make it a PRETEND Margarita and have one every morning!  Yum!

My Beginner Recipe:

GIANT handful of spinach (around 2-3 cups)
1 can of pineapple in juice (NOT heavy syrup)  -- pour the whole thing in
1 can of lemonade concentrate
2 limes (juice and flesh all blended up)
Lots and lots of ice (or water)

Blend in 2 or 3 batches in the blender (or use less juice and concentrate for smaller batches).  I combine everything in a pitcher and save it for later.  You can also freeze some and make popsicles, etc.

My Advanced Recipe:

GIANT handfuls of spinach (4-5 cups)
1 can of pineapple or 1 fresh pineapple (no juice)  (or peaches or pears, etc, etc)
2 lemons and 2 limes (or just add lemon and lime juice to taste)
Lots and lots of ice (or water)

What is YOUR smoothie recipe?


Torviewtoronto said…
looks wonderful my favourite is banana and strawberries
Maggie said…
My best friend used to make smoothies using oatmeal, molasses, and Simply Orange as the base. I can't remember him ever showing me with the proportions were and it kills me a little, every day. They were AMAZING.
Amy Renea said…
ooo that sounds yummy! I do that all the time too...eat something fabulous at someone's house and too shy to ask for the recipe...we should get braver!!!
Miss Kitty said…
I guess adding alcohol to make it more fun is out of the question? It would kind of defeat the "losing weight" part of the equation, I guess.