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24 January 2012

Roasted Jarrahdale Pumpkin Soup

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Do you have a few pumpkins still sitting around from Halloween?  Chances are...they are still good enough to eat!  (...but not for long...they might start to rot around this time of year, so now is the time to eat them up!)  I had some Jarrahdale Pumpkins (the blue kind...you can see them growing HERE) and they were about to be sacrificed to the compost if I didn't do something about it within the next couple of weeks.  Since I was so in love with Nicole's Squash and Ginger Soup I decided to try the same recipe with my pumpkins.  Surprise, surprise...I loved it!

So here are the pumpkins cracked open.  They have blue skin, but typical orange pumpkin innards.  Simply gut the pumpkins, then roast whole using THIS METHOD I used with butternut squash.  Add the ginger, butter S and P to the cavity and roast on 400 degrees for a few hours until the flesh is fork tender.  I add a little more ginger than in the squash recipe because the pumpkin taste is a little "deeper" and "earthier" than the squash, so I like more ginger to "brighten" it up.  (I know...I hate using those words to describe food too...like I'm a "too into myself Top Chef contestant" or something...but I couldn't think of a better way to describe it.  So there you go -- brighten up your pumpkin with a little ginger!!)

If you have been following along on my facebook page, you might have seen this photo (above) and wondered what I was up to.  Well...let's just say I've been eating so much squash and pumpkin lately that I might start to turn into an orangey looking Bilirubin Baby pretty soon.  Those separate pans all full of squash were my taste testing experiments to see which method worked the best for this delicious dish.

Anywho....after your pumpkins are roasted and very tender, with a skin looking like the pumpkin below, you know they are ready to pop out of the oven.  LET THEM COOL and then scoop the flesh out (don't loose any of that yummy ginger and butter sauce!)  Puree the pumpkin with vegetable stock (FULL RECIPE HERE) and save the soup for up to a week or freeze for up to 3 months (or probably longer...).

Had enough pumpkin and squash yet???  Sorry Hardy!  FROZEN squash coming up next!!


Nessa Bixler Tuesday, January 24, 2012  

Can I just say that I am in love with your full to bursting oven and that you have two batches to try it out... I do that too!

That oven rack - that has a gap - that is so AMAZING! Please say you picked it up somewhere like amazon.

Amy Renea Thursday, January 26, 2012  

Hey Nessa!

I love that attachement in the oven too :) Sadly, I have no idea where it came from...it was here when we moved in, but I think it actually came with the stove. It is a simple little grid that pops in and out of the middle rack...very helpful!!

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