Redbud: Little Sketchers

Did you know...?

"All children have great thoughts and great ideas which find expression in doodles and sketches…random thoughts, random doodles, find place everywhere. Be it walls or bedsheets or whatever ‘canvas’ the little ones lay their hands on!

Given a chance, every parent would like to cherish each one of these amazing masterpieces. But, they usually run out of ideas and space. Some art adorns the walls, the refrigerator, the pin up boards while some gets stored away in boxes, files and folders. 

And very soon they all grow up."  (from Little

Today's Feature Friday (NO this is NOT a sponsored post!!) is such a special little website.  It is called Little Sketchers and showcases bebe artwork.  It is a place where your child can set up a free gallery and you can upload their photos, drawings, artwork and plain old sketches.  It is a community of artists and wannabe artists and I find it so inspiring.  Kids have all the great ideas, don't they?

I have been trying to capture our "everydays" with my Project 52 ( might take a few years to get to 52, but we are still trucking along...forgetting the whole week thing...), but a few months ago I really started to consider the kid's artwork.  I don't want my house cluttered with papers everywhere, and we do have this ART DISPLAY CASE, but I need better solutions.  One solution will be to upload photos of the boy's sketches to their galleries on Little Sketchers.  I'll need more solutions in the coming years though (our home is overrun with art...) so stay tuned...I have my eyes fixed on one particular stairwell that is 20 ft high or so....

not my kiddo...taken from he is a cute kid, isn't he??  And check out that ship drawing!
The site is completely free (and remember - they aren't paying for this mention...I just found them and loved the concept), so what do you have to lose?   Even if you don't check out Little Sketchers, be inspired by their mission to save that precious artwork somehow!!

Has your kid made something amazing lately?  How will you remember it??

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