Organize Your Life | A Kitchen That Breathes

So last week, I started this series called Organize Your Life (I know...brilliantly unique right :)    Anywho,there is no time like the New Year for throwing a bunch of things out on the curb and sent to the thrift store and plain old thrown in the trash.  Getting the tree down, all the Christmas boxes organized and tagged (along with ALL of the boxes in the basement) has become...well...kind of an obsessive ritual.  (Tell me I'm not alone!)  As much as I love Christmas, I love love love that feeling of stripping down all the trappings and super organizing the bejeebers out of everything.

After I finished corralling the front door system (yes, it is a system - not just a front door), it was on to the ktichen.  My kitchen cabinets are always a little bit of an escape for me.  It is one place that the kids never go and other people are rarely in there.  I can make them as neat as I want, spare and sparse and monochromatic and no little grubby baby hands are going to be in there moving things around.  (Those of you with teens...I imagine this changes around age 11??  Yes??  What do I have to look forward to?)

So meet my kitchen cabinets...

There are 3 categories or types.  White, glass and other.  There are 3 cabinets of whites, 2 of glass and several "others"  Most of the others are the bottom cabinets that I use less often.  The cabinets I open every single day look beautiful inside.  It is like opening the door to your own little Crate and Barrel store everyday....ahhhh... What can I say?  I'm a little organization happy??  It seriously makes me happy though...

So that cabinet above is the most used cabinet in the house.  There is nothing in there that doesn't get used at least once a week.  The doors open at least 17 thousand times a day.

The cabinet below is the second most used cabinet...actually it might be the most.  Those glasses on the bottom are our everyday glasses and the other glassware on the bottom shelf is all flower and candle supplies.  Believe it or not, I use that stuff JUST AS MUCH as glassware for drinking.  Now what does THAT say about me...hmmm...

Also taking top billing in this cabinet are the pie plates, ball jars and loaf pans.  They all get a lot a lot a lot of use!

OK moving on...the silverware drawers are lined with these wooden organizers.  This one is from IKEA, but the rest I find at clearance at Target after Christmas (Did you know Target has everything marked 90 % off right now?  go go go!).

Here is another white cabinet.  
Those plates and bowls are my everyday dishware and the casseroles get heavy rotation as well. 

Last, but not least, this glass cabinet below is the second most utilized cabinet in my kitchen.  
I use those glass lasagna pans and the glass pitchers more than anything...oh and that wonderful mixing is fantabulous!

Now I know about this point you are thinking it is a little weird that I just opened all of my cabinets and gave you a little peek show.  (Why does she think we care about her cabinets?)  Well the truth is, my cabinets are such a source of peace for me.  When I say a kitchen that breathes....I really mean a kitchen that lets me breathe.  It is important to me to have these little places of order around the house.  Little hidden gems of perfection -- a standard that I can't hold myself to with the rest of the place.   It is just not possible with three little boys.  So that is why I show you....maybe to encourage you to make a space of peace for yourself...mundane as a kitchen cabinet.  Maybe I just want to be nosy and figure if I show you mine, you might  show off yours.  Maybe I'm just proud of my cabinets.  In any case...welcome to my world :)

OK girls....your turn to share your secrets.  I dare you.  
Open your cabinets and give us a peek!


your cupboards
are looking quite lovely
even with the doors open

i am mulling over the idea
of going with open shelving
instead of upper cabinets

here's to an organized year!

septembermom said…
Wow! This is amazing! I won't scare you with showing my cabinets. lol

I think I'll have this post inspire me to get organized too. Enjoy your day!
Laura said…
I think it makes total sense you love having your cabinets to yourself when the rest of your house can be chaotic! I'm working on cleaning the house I grew up in from the trappings of my childhood, so be on the lookout for those posts. And I love your glass cabinet with the pie plates - so pretty! What do you use the cut glass pitcher for? my grandma had that set, too :).
Becky Jane said…
Oh Amy, I was on Houzz looking for ideas for my silverware drawers and there you were in one of the comments...i ♥ your clear glass cabinet. I need all the ideas i can get for when we move into our new house. Thanks Sweety!