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02 January 2012

Organize Your Life | A Dresser for This and a Dresser for That

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*previously published on ORG Junkie

As we wind down into back-to-school time, I tend to do a toy purge. There are so many broken toys, various pieces of junk, broken swimmy toys, etc, etc everywhere and it just about drives me bananas. While I'm tossing and donating toys, I keep the momentum going and start going through all of my dressers. ...and I'm not talking clothes. You see, our house is full of dressers -- a dresser for this, and a dresser for that and a dresser for just about anything you could think of. They are wonderful storage pieces, they are often found for free on the side of the road and they can be painted and accessorized to fit into the room in which they are placed.

Example #1 The Sidebar Dresser

This dresser was found for free on the road and given a thorough cleaning, a coat of white paint and some sanding and planing to keep the drawers from sticking (Thank you Alex!). This "sidebar" is placed under a mirror ($5 at a yard sale) and adjacent to our dining room table. Contrary to the traditional china and flatware, our sidebar is filled with food styling and accessorizing pieces, along with a bit of decor and candles. It holds things that I will use throughout the year, and anything that has NOT been used gets tossed or sent to the basement for long term storage. These drawers are high priced real estate in this house and I want them to be beautiful and organized inside.

Curious about how to create a vignette that makes your dresser read more sidebar than dresser?  You can check out my recipe for a  Sidebar Vignette right HERE!

Example #2  The Tools, Art and Games Dresser

A calendar, organizer pockets and bins and buckets
make turn this dresser into a full organization station!!
This dresser was also a freebie on the side of the road and it is one of my favorites - check out that detailing!  The bottom 2 drawers hold board games that we actually play (if they don't get played, they don't maintain their spot in the dresser!)  The 3rd drawer up (2nd drawer down) is chock full of art supplies.  This drawer is an easy one to wheedle down after the holidays.  Simply pile a bunch of the supplies on the art table and let the kids go at it for a few hours!

Finally, the top drawer is perhaps the most opened drawer in the house.  It is a tool drawer, but not a junk drawer, full of batteries, hammers, nails, screwdrivers, hot glue gun and more!  Everything we use on a weekly basis goes in this drawer.  Anything superflous is given a new home quickly!

#3  The Sidebar Entertainment Center

This dresser is an actual sidebar, but we use it for storing vases and plastic bags (left) a cd player and cds (right), along with art supplies (more of them!) and tools (more of them too!).  The dresser was painted with a strie technique and when worked into a gallery wall, it completes a pretty pictures, don't you think?

#4  The Shoe Dresser

Our house has too many shoes.  Period.  We can't help it though.  We need three little pairs of school shoes, three little pairs of rain boots and three little muddy junk shoes, not to mention a variety of work and home shoes for Dad and a larger variety of muddy garden boots, cute equestrian wannabe boots and workable flats for Mama.  We just have a lot of shoes.  The solution?  A shoe dresser.  Another freebie from the side of the road, this dresser holds a plethora of shoes and even devotes one drawer to winter hats and gloves.  It makes getting out the door slightly easier!

A dresser for this and a dresser for that makes our life function a bit better, not to mention being a free organizational tool!  Next time you see a dresser in the trash, at an auction for 10 bucks or at half price night at the thrift store, consider how YOU might turn it into a tool to help Organize Your Life!

Amy Renea is a freelance design writer, blogger and commercial photographer based out of Hershey PA. When she isn't chasing three little boys around the house, she is chasing three chickens around the yard. You can find her award winning blog at A Nest for All Seasons and her photography portfolio at ALLENAIM.com.


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