Redbud: Nessa of Moments and Impressions

So I've "known" Nessa for awhile now (via blogland), but recently, it seems she and I  have been emailing like over-tweeeeeety songbirds.  I'm kinda in love with this girl and I think you might fall for her too...

She has a way of speaking to her audience that is sweet and insightful, not at all crass or over sharing.  She is a blogger that lets you see her heart, but isn't opening up just for the attention or shock value.  Mixed in with the musings of life are fabulous decor, gardens and recipes (my kind of GIRL!).

One of my favorite recent posts lately is simply titled today.  
Then there is the one titled change.
Or maybe you would love the post Two Spoons.

Take your pick!  Go read a post or two and make sure to tell Miss Nessa that Amy Renea says Hey! 

Want to meet the rest of the redbuds?  Check them out below!


Nessa Bixler said…
I was sitting here a little emotional after putting our one-year old to bed for the last time (she is two tomorrow) and this brought on the full on tears.

You are so sweet. I am kinda in love with you too. SInce I have never baked a single cake without a box - you have a lot to teach me.