Make Your Own Plant Markers

So last week I broke down and ordered myself a metal stamping kit.  I wanted to make those awesome little silverware plant markers that have been all over pinterest lately, and have been waiting and waiting hoping to find one on the cheapie at an auction or thrift store.  Well, it has been about a year now and no luck, SO amazon it was! 

Of course, I couldn't wait a few days to get my kit to make labels for my WINTER POTS, so I made it work with what I had...a little cardstock and some lettered brads.  The cardstock was punched with a craft punch (until it broke on me...darn Fiskars...anybody have recommendations for better craft punches?) and then the pieces glued together in a kind of wavy line.  Then it was simply a matter of pressing the brads through the cardstock, attaching bamboo skewers to the backs (hot glue again!) and placing the sharp ends of the skewers into the soil.

These plant markers obviously won't work outdoors...they would wilt with the very first rain or snow...but they are perfect for indoors!  An added benefit of the bamboo skewers is that they have been taking up a little water from the soil.  When the water line is high on the skewers, I know I don't need to water, but when I can no longer see the water line, those pots needs a little H2O.

So make it work!  Radishes, turnips, beets or potatoes!  They all need a little label and you can make cute versions with whatever you happen to have lying around the house.


Those are really cute. I'm a plain Jane when it comes to plant markers. I use popsicle sticks inside and I just re-use the plastic markers that come with the plant to mark them outside.
Oh, super cute! I don't do plant markers... my son would re-arrange them in no time!
Christi said…
They are adorable! I've never made plant markers before at all, but these are inspiring me!
Miss Kitty said…
SO very cute! You are crazy creative, girl. And your photography of the markers just elevates them into the stratoshere. Thanks so much for sharing the project AND the great pics.