Lavender Scented Homemade Play Dough

I don't know about you, but sometimes the over abundance of kid stuff drives me absolutely batty. Some days, I think if I hear another group of children shrieking kids songs on the cd player I might go certifiably insane.  For a long time, I had a lot of guilt over wanting more adult things around.  I thought I should do everything baby, everything kid, everything bright and loud and horribly annoying whenever they were around.  When I didn't have kid stuff everywhere, all the time on high volume and in brightest hues - I felt horribly guilty.  For me, I've finally realized that that standard is unreachable.  I've found that mixing a little adult in with the kid stuff can really help out a bit.  A soothing ADULT album playing in the background while we all color together (me with Sharpie...them with crayons) can actually be quite enjoyable.  Watching documentaries is another way we have found to teach and entertain both the boys and the adults in our homes.  Dolphins interacting and speaking to each other while swimming around the ocean?  Yes please!  The history of such and such jungle with lots of video of monkeys hopping through trees and giant snakes?  YES!

Which leads me to play dough.  While the salty scent of traditional play dough brings back a whole bunch of childhood memories (including eating the stuff!), it isn't the most pleasant smell in the world.  Adding a little lavender or lemon to the mix however...that is a nice scent.  An ADULT scent for a baby product can make all the difference....hence...

Lavender SCented PLayDough

For my nieces this Christmas, I added little jars of lavender scented play dough to their Christmas gifts.  I was hoping to give their mommies the little gift of aromatherapy while the babies played.  (TIP:  Only use EDIBLE herbs and spices to scent your homemade play doughs...just in case!)

I used a basic play dough recipe (found HERE) and simply added dried lavender flowers that I had leftover from the fall garden into the mix. (I ended up using a bit more flour than the recipe called for because the original recipe is a bit too sticky....not sure why?? )  I added about 1 tsp of lavender to this recipe, but in retrospect, I would use more than that for a stronger scent.  You could probably use up to 3 T or so,  but experiment until you get your mix just right.

Lavender SCented PLayDough

So have a little fun with your kid crafts this week!  Add a grown up element to play time!  Scent your playdough with mint, or orange rind, vanilla or almond extract!  Play Priscilla Ahn in the background while playing with Legos!  Give yourself a little grace and mix the worlds of mommy and bebe!!!


Nessa Bixler said…
Okay... so I just realized that you had this other blog. I love drooling over your photo blog... but this is so much fun!
Amy Renea said…
You are too kind Nessa! Thank you!