How to Photograph 8 Posts in an Afternoon

If you have been following along the past 2 weeks, you will recall some (or all!) of these photos and posts.  Don't worry, I'm not regurgitating the posts.  What I AM doing is going to give you a quick walk through on how to get all of these posts arranged in one afternoon.  In fact, the photos you have seen for the past two weeks were all taken in under an hour one afternoon.  The editing and uploading were done that evening and the writing was done on 2 different days during long naptimes.  It CAN be done!

OK, so here are the tricks.  Cooking is messy...photographing cooking does not have to be.  In fact, it is better to have less crazy messy, hot cooking around expensive camera equipment.  So this soup?  It was made the night before.  I made the soup without worrying about what all of the various steps looked like and without the chance of a camera falling in soup.  On this afternoon, I poured one bowl of soup, staged the photo with this trick and snapped.

Chili Lime Avocado Soup
1. Chili-lime Chicken Soup

After the soup photos were over, I set it aside (and later fed it to my family - dinner...DONE).  Then I pulled out the play dough I had made a week ago.  It was already in the bowl, sprinkled with lavender and just needed a couple photos.  2 minutes - done.

Lavender PlayDough

2. Lavender Scented Play Dough

As I was taking the photos, I thought about the way I was taking different types of photos to express different moods and give the blog variance.  I stepped back and took this backstage pass shot and then thought about how I could craft a post as I continued taking photos.  See the play dough and food stuff hanging out on the table together with the tortillas and the plastic wrap that was on top of the soup?

How to Photograph 8 Posts in an Afternoon at A Nest for All Seasons
3. Backstage Pass

I actually started out this grouping of posts with an idea for a post about what makes your kitchen different.  SO out came the mortar and pestle with a bunch of kosher salt.  Great thing about this subject?  It fit with this post and is also an ingredient for the soup posts...2 birds...2 minutes...done.

How to Photograph 8 Posts in an Afternoon at A Nest for All Seasons

4. What's Different About Your Kitchen?

While I was on the subject of kitchens, running in and out of there to grab items to photograph, I thought about the way my kitchen "breathes".  It ties right into the previous post and the kitchen was clean (remember, I wasn't cooking, just taking food photos, so the counters were CLEAN!).  New post took about 10 minutes working with low light and cramped kitchen.

How to Photograph 8 Posts in an Afternoon at A Nest for All Seasons

5. Let Your Kitchen Breathe

While I'm in the cabinets...
I had already planned on doing a pie plate post, so while the cabinet doors were open,
I grabbed the stack of pie plates.  3 minutes and pie plate posting photos were good to go. 

How to Photograph 8 Posts in an Afternoon at A Nest for All Seasons

6. Why Pie Plates Are My Favorite Dishes...

But back to that soup...
How to Photograph 8 Posts in an Afternoon
Chile-Lime Chicken Soup with Fried Tortillas

Remember that trick I did to style the soup?  Well...there is another blog post...
I snapped a few photos of the process and there is another post in under a minute.
This post was kind of an afterthought in the moment, but has turned out to be very successful, 
receiving over 10,000 hits the last couple of days...sometimes it is the craziest things that you wouldn't think are popular that strike a chord...

How to Photograph 8 Posts in an Afternoon
7. Food Styling Tip  |  A Tower for Croutons

SO what do these eggs have to do with anything? Well...I dunno yet.  
They were on the counter, pretty and so I snapped with the same settings as these veggies 
since I knew it would look nice.  It will most certainly spark a new post idea...just you wait....
How to Photograph 8 Posts in an Afternoon
#8  Hmmmm...what should I write about?

...and #8 eventually became....THIS post!!  You are reading #8...How to Photograph 8 Posts in an Afternoon.  Voila - 8 posts...all photographed in under an hour in an afternoon.  Clean Kitchen, Dinner on the Table and a post file full of prompts for writing.  When I go back through the posts, the pictures spark words and phrases and it is a quick fast path towards creating a post that is (hopefully) interesting, informative and beautiful!


Nessa Bixler said…
That is one workhorse of an after noon! And I love your cabinets... I love seeing peoples kitchens and what they have.

I blog to remember things mostly... but i take a lot of photos that don't have to be right around the day they were taken. So I edit photos and make posts at once... I add words later. If something big is going on, I insert the big thing and move the other posts back.

There are always a handful of "drafts" that are either words waiting on an edit or photos waiting on the words.