...because your style is not labeled in one word...

I love quizzes.  (don't you??)

I've always loved reading chick magazines and filling out all the answers to the "Learn what your 
worst trait is" and "Are you a good friend?" and "Figure out your style in 17 easy questions!". Fun! 

 The only problem is that you might end up thinking that your style is "eclectic" or "modern" or "Asian" )
(seriously? Asian?? That is really a design category...as if Asia doesn't have thousands of varying design styles?! Blech.)

My office space...a study on the things I JUST LOVE
Moving on. A long time ago I learned to give up all the design labels.  Those quizzes are fun, but when it comes to actually defining your style, they do little more than give you a sticky label to tag on your style.  Design books that try to pigeonhole you into a specific style do the same.  The thing is -  - everyone's style is slightly different and there aren't enough labels in the world to accurately do them justice.  So join me in ditching the labels and simply learning your style inside and out without labeling it!!

 My article this week on Houzz is all about creating ideabooks to help you learn your own style.  Using "just love" books, you can delve into the defining features of your preferences and get a better grip on what you should be looking for when you are purchasing items for your home.  Go check out the article right HERE and I would love it if you made your own "just love" ideabook or pinboard and showed them off here in the comment section or over on the facebook page!!  Let's see what you JUST LOVE!!

What can I take from this exterior shot that I JUST LOVE?  Perhaps a hallway softened by plantings or botanical prints?


Laura said…
I like your office, it's very open and ready for work :).
Casandra said…
I have this tumblr like my JUST LOVE book... it isn't just for interior design, but it works for me in a variety of projects:
graphic design, crafts, art, fashion or just inspiration!

Amy Renea said…
Thanks Laura!!

Thanks for sharing Cassandra - looking forward to checking it out!