Wrapping Presents when you don't have Wrapping Paper

If you have a decent stash of crating materials, you have a decent chance of having enough "stuff" to forgo traditional wrapping paper altogether. This year, my boxes held a bunch of basic tissue paper, some nice ribbons and fabric. The addition of a few toppers and garlands and I didn't have to make a wrapping paper run - chewWAwa!

The bases of these packages are simple layerings of white tissue paper.  It takes 10-12 sheets to make an opaque coating, a light hand with wrapping, but otherwise folds similarly to traditional wrapping paper.

The garlands are made by cutting velum papers with a punch and sewing them together with a basic stitch on the sewing machine. 

I wanted to do most of my wrapping this year with fabric as it is not wasted after unwrapping and still looks pretty.  However, I had to compromise because my husband reminded me how much the kiddos love ripping into presents.  He was totally right, so all of the little presents got tissue paper while larger presents and mommy and daddy presents got fabric wrappings.

I get my fabrics from the remnant sections at IKEA, Hancok fabrics, Jo-anns and most often - WalMart.  Yes, most of my material comes from WalMart :)  They typically seem to have more remnant pieces and larger pieces than the other stores.  I can often find 1-2 yard pieces which are large enough for pillows and kid blankets.  Whenever I am in the store I check for remnants and pick up any pretty prints, good sized flannels and fleece and scraps of anything really beautiful.  I will also pick up the $1 bags of scraps with ribbons, fringe etc. even if I don't have a project in mind for them quite yet.  Here are a few of my Walmart remnant scores used in my holiday wrappings!

See that plaid and polka dot fabric above - here they are transformed!
By the way, that polka dot fabric comes with red, black and nay as well as brown, and it is a really nice, thick decorating fabric.  They always have some at my local WalMarts in the remnant bins and it is usually large pieces, so I've been stocking up.  Someday soon there will be an awesome project with all my polka dot  fabric.  For now, they are perfect for fun wrappings :)

Of course, hubby found a roll of fun paper, so he added to the "ripping" factor for the kiddos :)

So how have you been wrapping your presents this year?  Any fun new ideas?  Please share!

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I love them all! Especially the fabrics.
kyut530 said…
I like the fabric idea--lately, I'll wrap some of my gifts in wrapping paper, or I will use fabric from Wal-mart as well and use it for furoshiki (a way of wrapping things).