Say NO to the Timeshare Pitch

Omni Hotel Vacation Club Cancun, Mexico How to Say NO to the Timeshare Pitch Nicely
Omni Hotel Vacation Club Cancun, Mexico
So you see these photos of the beaches in Cancun and I tell you it cost under $500 for an entire week and you think I'm crazy, right?  Well, perhaps a little, and it took an amazing amount of planning from my husband and a little bit of patience and listening on both of our parts while listening to a timeshare presentation.

If you have never attended one of these presentations, you'll want to read this.  I'll give you a few tips and tricks to making it through without buying something you do not want or pulling your hair out in the process.  If you are able to say no to the pitch then the deal is well, well worth it.  If you are unable to say no, you should not attempt to do one of these deals.  You will be out thousands of dollars if you chose to buy in, and they are not necessaily a good deal.  In fact, RARELY are they a good deal and you are better off finding your own little piece of real estate and buying it outright.

SO anyway.  You sign up for a timeshare presentation so you can make a little cash, or receive a free hotel stay or airline tickets.  First things first, make sure your "prize" or benefits are written out clearly before you sign.  When you sign up to go to the presentation, all you are doing is signing up to go listen.  That is it.  You are never under any obligation to buy or pay for anything.  If you are - RUN.

The second thing you want to check for in writing is how long the presentation will be.  Typically it is 90 minutes.  You can always use that 90 minutes in writing next to your "prize" as a way to get out of the presentation if it starts to go long after you have already said no several times.  (Remember, if you cannot say no - GET OUT not sign up for the presentation!)

Once you have signed up, you'll be given a time to show up - usually the next morning.  Wear comfy clothes that won't bug you.  You will be bugged enough by the 90 minute presentation.  Sometimes you are given a free breakfast, sometimes free coffee.  They will treat you like kings and queens...until you don't buy.  Then they forget who you are.

1.  The first step of the process is an introductory interview.  You asked bunches and bunches of question about your vacation habits.  You can answer whatever you want...just know that the answers will come back to bite you in the butt.  If you say you like to go to many different hotels in one trip, they will show you how the vacation club or timeshare has locations around the world.  If you say you don't like to spend very much money, they will show you how the vacation club is an investment.  ETC.  ETC.  ETC.  It is quite a long interview, so have fun with it.  I like to try to come up with amazing locations that they don't have hotels in like Austria or Kosovo.  Passes the time...

2.  After the interview, you will be taken to see a tour of the deluxe suite.  This suite is always the very, very best that the hotel has to offer.  It is usually not what they will be presenting to you to buy.  Enjoy the tour though.  it is a chance to stretch your legs and get design ideas for your home renovations.  They sometimes offer free cookies on the tour (the smell of chocolate chip cookies works just as well in timeshare sales as it does home sales...didn't you know?)

3.  After the tour, you will go into a room filled with other people on their own presentations.  It is loud and this is where it gets high pressure.  Once you reach this point, you are almost finished.  Don't give up.  You will be tired and annoyed by this point, but you've only got about 30 minutes left and the prize is worth it.  Be kind.  Be interested in what the presenter is presenting.  Answer honestly and truthfully (I'm sorry, but $15,000 just to be part of the vacation club is not worth it to us).  Don't get defensive, just be patient.  Don't say no until the presentation is over.  Allow the presenter to offer all of their points, but then when they ask if this is something you would be interested, just say no.  Then when they ask you if you like the resort...say yes (of course you like is beautiful....)  Then when they ask if this is something you would be interested in, just say no.  Then when they ask if you like to go on vacation...say yes (you do, right?)  Then when they ask if this is something you might be interested in, just say no.  You get the point right?   Just say no if you are not interested.

If you are interested for some reason, keep your poker face on and act non-committal.  Eventually the "manager" will come over and you will have to keep saying no to him to.  Then the "super manager" will come over and he is the dude you want to talk to.  Ask about foreclosures and find out the very best deals that they have to offer.  then, if you want to, you can say yes, but I would suggest just saying no.

Then say thank you and go collect your prize.  Congratulations.  You have survived a time share presentation!

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Thomas said…
I saw something about a Ritz-Carlton vacation club once. So I looked it up. They start in the $100,000's (A YEAR!!!!). I was astonished. I could buy a vacation home for that price.
Thomas said…
But we can dream. Here was the sweepstakes where I first saw it. Hurry ends 12/26!
RIGHT!? Crazy, huh? You could totally do a series on Vacation Clubs on your Stupid Purchases blog ;) I miss your posts btw...:(
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