When Blogging Gets Nasty | Blossom vs. People I want to Punch in the Throat

SO.  IN the red corner stands a blogger that likes Elf on a Shelf.  She likes it so much that she wrote 101 ways to be creative with your Elf on a Shelf.  End of Story.

THEN.  IN the blue corner comes a blogger that reads red blogger's post about 101 ways to be creative with your Elf on a Shelf and in her words "got really pissed off".  So she proceeds to blogger punch red blogger in the nose.  She gives her name, links to her blog and then goes on for paragraph after paragraph quoting various ideas from red bloggers blog and then slamming them into the wall.  She is mean and sarcastic and whiny and petty.  ...and funny.  Yes, blue blogger is funny.  She's hilarious.  ...and if she hadn't named red blogger and linked to her blog and then stolen her content, perhaps it would be ok.  ...but it isn't ok.  It is mean and sarcastic and whiny and petty.

SO.  IN the red corner, red blogger takes down her blog.  She states on twitter that she is "unplugging".  For a moment on facebook, she is happy and excited to have 500 new "likes"!  Where did those come from?  Then she sees why.  ...and she is hurt.  Who wouldn't be?  I would be.

THEN.  IN the blue corner, she keeps punching red blogger while she is down.  Calling her "whiny" on facebook and flaming the fires of hundreds of commenters to mock and belittle red blogger.

SO.  Beating up bloggers isn't new.  Mean bloggers have been doing it since blogging began, but usually they take on the big bloggers.  They take on the bloggers making tons of money.  In this case, blue blogger took on a blogger that isn't making millions.  She took on a blogger that was trying to do something fun for her kids and share her ideas.  She took on a blogger and won.  She won because red blogger took her blog down.

I don't think it is right.  
What do you think?

To make your own decisions meet Red Blogger aka Blossom Bunkhouse and Blue Blogger aka Jen from People I Want to Punch in the Throat.

EDIT:  YAY!  Blossom Bunkhouse is BACK and better than ever...go Red Blogger~!


Wow....some people are full of hate, and some people are full of love. The title of the blogs alone should indicate which is which. I prefer to be on the side of love, and I would do anything for my children to make sure they had a special holiday--and I most certainly would not bash someone else's parenting style!
Laura said…
That is so mean! I do not understand how this person thought it was a good idea to bash someone else. I'd stop following blue blog, pronto.
Laurie said…
It's called sarcasm. Look it up.
Laurie said…
It's called sarcasm. It's not personal. Geez.
Anonymous said…
What's worse than her rant is all the people who found it funny.

Sarcasm is a tool of the lazy and arrogant. If you can't take the time or effort to be humorous without it, then you're just not that funny.

I'm guessing that we can all identify them out on the highway. You know, the ones who cut you off or ride your bumper and are only thinking about themselves.

You were braver than me because I'm posting this one anonymously - so they don't go flame my blog.