ABC Letters for the Fridge that are NOT UGLY!

If you are anything like me, it drives me bananas to have ugly bright pink and blue and florescent green alphabet letters on my fridge. They kind of don't go with anything, but if you take them away, you are kind of a bad mom, right? So the solution? Make pretty ABC letters, numbers and names out of wood coins. It is a perfect project to help UPcycle our Fallen Tree.
ABC Letters that are NOT UGLY

The method is really quite simple. I had my husband cut a medium-sized branch into coins that were about a 1/2 inch thick. Then, using a wood burning tool I simply carved the letters and numbers into the wood. I only burned myself a few times :P  I attached magnet tape with hot glue to the back and they were good to go!  Make sure your coins are not too thick because the magnet will only hold a certain amount of weight and make sure to use hot glue or another strong adhesive even if the magnet tape is pre-sticky.  The weight of the wood coins will require more adhesion than the magnet tape glue will provide.

Wood Carved Letter Coins

I would show you photos of the name magnets, but then I would have to kill you.   
Certain miniature nieces and nephews might be receiving them as Christmas presents...

PS - If you would like more tips on how to use a wood burning tool, you can click right HERE

To see more ideas for upcycling branches and tree trunks, you can read my article for HOUZZ, right HERE!

What are YOU crafting today?

Wooden Coin Ornaments

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Stacie said…
I love these! I need to go find some good branches in my yard. ;)
brownies said…
Just wondering, what kind of saw was used to slice the coins? Did you sand them after?
Amy Renea said…
My husband used a regular circular saw to cut them, but you could use a hand saw and clamp. I didn't sand them because the edge was pretty clean, but you certainly could!

Thanks for stopping by and commenting!
wondering if staining would help their longevity?
any thoughts in what type of stain wouldbe safe for little mouths? kat
Amy Renea said…
A stain would definitely help them hold up over time (although they have done quite well without it!). As far as baby safe though?? I dunno...that would def. take some research!
Brooke (Siayla) said…
I just adore these! Shared here