Happy Classy Trashy

So usually we got the classy route of white lights, flashes of gold and green, a few sentimental ornaments. This year...we are going classy trashy...and I must say...it is quite a happy classy trashy.  I had a sweater of bright pinks, reds, lime greens and a touch of purple and grey and with the addition of a little green ribbon, they screamed Christmas to me.  So I stocked up last Christmas on bright pinks and reds and lime greens at Target (90% off of course) and this year, our Christmas is a little more festive, a bit more bright, and a little less classy.

The sweater was simply cut into square pieces and hot glued to old ornaments.  I hold the material in the palm of my hand, place the ornament on top and then start hot gluing around the top of the ornament.  If you have any bulges, the addition of the ribbon can hide a multitude of sins.

So for the first time in years, instead of tone on tone bokeh LIKE THIS, our tree looks like this:

 ...and if you are wondering how to get your Christmas tree lights to look all "bokey", it is easy...my how-to is RIGHT HERE!

Merry Christmas!!  Have a happy classy trashy holiday!


Andrea said…
Wow they are all great phtographs. I've taken those bokeh lights too, but not intentional. Now i will read it from your tutorials. thanks.
Those sweater balls are adorable!!


And your bokey trees shots are pretty pretty. :) I need to try that. I'm much better at taking out of focus pictures than I am IN-focus ones! HA!
Laura said…
That looks like a fun tree! I'm impressed you're changing it up - we always do the same thing.
Adrienne said…
I've been a DIY maniac this year - don't know what's gotten in to me! LOVE the colors, and the super creative use of an old sweater!!
Tasos Apartmani said…
This looks interesting and fairly easy to make so I would involve kids into this Christmas project. I love when the family is focused around common goal. Nice tutorial and great ornaments :) Thank you and Happy Holidays!