If you have been following my facebook page or twitter, you might have noticed a lot of linking up to Houzz this week.  I am honored and excited to join the ranks of my idols and mentors like Erika Ward as a contributing design writer for Houzz.

So what on Earth is Houzz?

It is like pinterest, but focused on design, interiors, garden design and architecture.
The Washington Post says it is the "Flickr of design idea sites" - March 5, 2009
Apartment Therapy says is the "facebook for interiors".

It is a magazine with article after article, new ones appearing from professionals several times a day instead of just once a month in your mailbox.  Like an idea in a professional's ideabook?  Make one click and save it to your own ideabook.  Instead of pinterest boards, you create Houzz ideabooks full of ideas and can then make comments and link them into an article of your own.  Who knows?  Maybe your ideabook will be the next featured ideabook on the site and hundreds of people will be "houzzing" your ideas!

So if you love design, check out Houzz.
If you love beautiful photographs of homes and gardens, check out Houzz.
If you love pinning design ideas, you will love creating ideabooks.

If you want to learn more about creating nests in your home and garden, LIVING BOLDY in your designs and decor choices and integrating plants and other natural elements into your living spaces, come join me as I write for Houzz!

My archived design articles for Houzz and new travel articles will be indexed HERE on 'A Nest for All Seasons' and HERE on Houzz!

PS...If you are wondering what else everyone has to say about on...

"Users can now tap on tags in images to learn more about items and where-to-buy information." - November 2011 issue, page 266
"The holy grail of all things design... Houzz's database is incomparable, the app is easy to use and the design is comprehensive." - October 26, 2011
"If you're in need of some good design inspiration for your child's bedroom, Houzz Kids' Rooms is a great place to start." - October 13, 2011
"As a launching platform for your decorating project, or just as idle inspiration while daydreaming about your next one, Houzz is practically a bottomless well of inspiration at the tip of your swiping fingers." - September 10, 2011, See #26
" provides a wealth of information on remodeling and redecorating... includes a plethora of articles relating to design. You can even submit a question to their Q&A section to get personalized help." - September 10, 2011
"This app will stoke your imagination. Houzz provides access to more than 100,000 photos of interiors, sortable by room, style or location. It also has contractor directories for over 50 metropolitan areas." - September 2011 issue, page 91
"Houzz is bringing the process into the digital age by creating a database of more than 170,000 home design photos sorted by room, style and geographic location." - August 30, 2011

"The Wikipedia of interior and exterior design." - June 11, 2011
"Even better, set up an account on and create an 'ideabook' online. You'll find a nearly endless portfolio of excellent ideas for your swipe file there that you and your architect can both contribute to and comment on." - April 28, 2011

"Perhaps the largest database of ideas... new ideas to transform your home with a few simple tricks. [originally in Italian]" - February 24, 2011
"Ten of the best Apps for Home and Property: Houzz - a US app with more than 68,000 photographs of inspirational house interiors." - February 1, 2011
"For those who are short on design ideas and in need of some inspiration to get this year's room re-do underway, Houzz Interior Design Ideas is ideal. Whether you're looking for what's hot in New York, Los Angeles, New Orleans, or even London or Hong Kong, Houzz Interior Design Ideas has got you covered." - January 26, 2011
"English creates 'idea books,' or files of images, for his clients to review with Houzz, a free phone app that contains more than 70,000 photos of rooms, homes and landscape projects. Having the images to refer to helps clients articulate more clearly their likes and dislikes, he said." - January 11, 2011
"browse interior design ideas by style, room or location... once users have found an interior design idea they like the idea can then be saved and shared with others." - December 31, 2010
"However, keeping up with all the magazines is tough. A better alternative is Houzz... acts as a community letting users interact with one another, get advice, and find nearby designers." - December 31, 2010
"So far users have created more than 130,000 ideabooks. Homeowners can tag items, share photos with friends, or find designers to work with. Professionals, including contractors, architects, and designers, can upload photos to create their own portfolios and find new clients." - November 15, 2010
"Houzz appears to be a decent idea that's been executed well." - November 11, 2010
"Scroll through more than 40,000 images of interior eye candy on this app... then save your favorites in a virtual idea book for easy access." - November 6, 2010, Home+Garden, Page 1
"The online equivalent of clipping decor inspiration from magazines... browse more than 40,000 images submitted by interior decorators, architects and design-minded users (filter by space, style and more), then save them in your virtual idea book." - September 2010 issue, page 60
"So long scrapbooks and online bookmarks! Thanks to the new Houzz app for iPad, you now have a digital place to sort, save and share your favorite home design ideas... But beware: Like candy for design addicts, once you start perusing the Houzz pages, it can be hard to stop. Consider yourself warned." - August 18, 2010
"If you're not familar with Houzz you should check it out... it's a great resource for any pro or armchair designer." - July 27, 2010
"So far my favorite real estate app for the iPad is called Houzz. is a site where interior decorators and home design professionals share their various works and you can browse through their online catalog for ideas... The search options are endless and the browsing is entertaining. The photo quality is top notch and fills up the entire iPad screen... It's basically a dreaming app for your iPad which may potentially cost me a few hundred extra dollars as my home may have some unexpected new decor being added to it (thanks a lot, Houzz). " - May 11, 2010

"Site we're psyched about: - Love room porn and stockpiling design ideas? Sounds like you've got a fever and the only prescription is An online community for architects, designers and decor aficionados... Three cheers for the encyclopedia of room porn!" - May 7, 2010

"With more than 30,000 photos, the Houzz application has one of the most comprehensive collections of home design images on the iPad. In addition, there are also more than 25,000 helpful 'ideabooks' with articles about how you can improve the design of your house and helpful home design tips. See something that catches your eye? Just add it to your virtual idea book for offline viewing." - May 6, 2010
"To be honest, it's a tad difficult to describe the interior-design-obsessed website It is a bit of everything from inspiration to design notebook, to videos, to blog, to addiction -- in a good way. Have a design question? Post it along with any photos and, presto, you'll get advice from others. A new iPad app has also been launched so you can search, save, mark as a favorite -- basically access inspiration anywhere." - May 5, 2010

"'For the iPad, Apps With Their Own Wow Factor' - a digital look book for interior-decorating ideas... allowing you to search and save certain looks for offline access or sharing with others." - April 7, 2010
"The images are uploaded by users -- homeowners, professional designers, contractors, landscape artists, and architects. Just click on the image you like and save it to your own Ideabook. You can create different themes for your own book and tag the photos where you want to save them. I went straight to my favorite subject, DIY, and browsed around some of the other links, and created my own Ideabook. I'm just getting started, though. It's quite an addictive site." - March 29, 2010
"Our web of the week could be the ultimate home decorating resource! It's called No matter the room or the style, you will find thousands of high quality pictures, offering ideas. Another cool feature is you can save an image to your own idea book and write a few notes about what you liked in each one." - March 1, 2010
"I am not an architecture freak myself but I can nevertheless appreciate good quality when I see it. Houzz has it. A lot of it actually." - January 25, 2010

"If you are a professional you will put this site to excellent use since you can create a portfolio and spread your name around quite easily. In that sense, the site caters for every single person involved in the industry, and provides them with a platform that can but elicit fruitful relationships." - January 16, 2010
"One of Home and Living's favorite websites" - January 15, 2010
"Set this one to show up weekly in your inbox and you can check out self-submitted design ideas. It also offers a 'design book' to keep your favs." - January 8, 2010
Convinced Yet??

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i do adore me some houzz

That is AWESOME, Amy!! I love Houzz, but I've moved away from it since the invention of Pinterest. You'll give me a good excuse to go back! :)
So nice to happen on your lovely blog! I just discovered Houzz and am hooked. I also like, another useful resource which I used to do all the advance legwork before my house renovation.