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30 December 2011

Christmas Means...

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You know, presents sometimes get a bad "wrap" when it comes to Christmas. You know...all the materialism and creating want in kids and generally encouraging greediness and all that.  ...and I agree...it can be a bit much.  In fact, the last few days have been spent attempting to rid the boys of I want, I need, I would like to put this toy on my list, I think this would be a great present...etc, etc, etc.  HOWEVER...going through photos of the present opening this year, I can't help but think that maybe the gifts ain't all that bad...

How often does that look of excitement and pure awesomeness happen??  (Well...too be honest...quite a bit...he gets that face when we give him saltines or craisins, but the chance to capture it is made available by an abundance of toys being opened by his bros across the room...)

...and these boys?  Check out that brotherly hug...and you should have heard the profuse thank yous.  Thanks yous to a brother who didn't quite want a bear hug at the moment, all over a 59 cent Hulk coloring book that said brother did not even pick out...but who cares about any of that.  The point is...I want my boys to hug and thank like this forever.  I want them to love on each other, love on their wives and their babies and be thankful for the smallest gifts.   ...and it can all start with a Hulk coloring book from Ollies...who knew...

So whether it is gift giving, gift buying, gift receiving or opening, I am thankful for all the gifts of Christmas -- even the commercial, greedy ones...

How was your greedy Christmas this year??

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Laura Friday, December 30, 2011  

I love these pictures and you're right, presents can bring great joy and excitement. And love.

Amy Renea Monday, November 09, 2015  

...and love :) always!

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