What to do when a virus infects your computer...

SO.  If you've been following the nest facebook page, you might have noticed a couple of {mini}rants last week towards the darn creators of computer viruses.  Yes?  Anybody with me?  what kind of person sits around all day thinking up ways to infect other people's computers?!?!?  ARGGGGH!   $150 later, the virus is gone, but in the meantime, I learned a few things.

The most important thing I learned was how to {attempt} to remove the virus myself while in safe mode.  Of course our computer was too far gone for it to do any good, but if you have a small, early infection, you might be able to remove it yourself.  The first thing to do is shut down the computer, start it up again and when the black and white screen pops up that asks if you want to start in SAFE MODE, do it!  In safe mode, your computer will run the basic programs, and you can attempt to remove the virus.

What REALLY helped me though was SAFE MODE with networking.  This mode allows you to use your Internet connection, so you can look up info on how to get rid of the dang virus, and will let you publish a blog post or send a few emails.  VERY helpful when attempting to fix your computer (that some BULLHEAD infected with a BLASTED VIRUS!)

The biggest problem in these modes for me is that the screen resolution is very bad and the icons are all big and huge and you cannot see everything on your screen.  This is purposeful as you are working in a safe mode where all the "extras" like screen resolution are not a priority.  However, you can get around this with a little trick.   If you are desperate and need to change the resolution in safe mode, WEB TALK tells you how.  Takes 10 seconds - totally makes everything normal sized and decent resolution - fabulous!

Next step?  Call your computer repair guy to help...or buy a new computer....those darn hackers!?!

[This is not a sponsored post]