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04 November 2011

Shoji Screen Living Wall and Storage Solution

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This was my entry from One Month to Win It - I'm still in and working on week 2!!  Yippee!!!
So I had a busted up screen that my babies had kind of killed.  No really...see how killed it was?
We also had an issue with too many people at one door trying to get their shoes on and out the door.

A little bit of Krylon paint to create a rich wood effect on the screen, a new backing from an old sheet, recycled tin cans and glass candle containers turned into a living wall and I have a beautiful, functional storage wall where I can get myself put together in peace every morning.

 The paint I used to create this effect was Krylon Coral, Krylon Reactions Paint and a deep rich brown with hints of metallic that I layered to form a dynamic finish.  Come back tomorrow to learn how to attach the jars and cans, attach the backing so it is still easy to string scarves through the loops, weight the screen properly so it doesn't fall over and how to arrange the items based on triangular design!  ...and more photos!


So hey...my comment section has been broken (see what happens when I mess around in html??), but I think it is back! 
In any case, I miss your comments, so show me a little love so I know everything is back to normal , k?!
cheers y'all!

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allenaim photography and design Friday, November 04, 2011  

TESTing the comment section...is it working for you?

Laura Friday, November 04, 2011  

It looks great! Super functional and good looking.

Inspire Me Heather Saturday, November 05, 2011  

It's working for me and I love your screen, it's gorgeous!

allenaim photography and design Saturday, November 05, 2011  

Thanks for helping me out girls!

Annie Adorno Sunday, June 10, 2012  

Wow that's such a good idea it's so creative and beautifully I wish I had an inch the talent you have

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