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13 November 2011

Refinished Sidebar | FREEk Design

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Have you ever seen something on the side of the street that you just HAD to have, but you were too embarrassed to pick it up?  That was me with this sidebar.  The piece was on the front street of our little town and while I usually don't mind freecycling, it was a very public freecycle.  10 minutes after arriving home, I loaded up the kids again and went out to pick it up.  It was THAT COOL of a piece.  Of course it didn't look all that great to start with (see below), but a little bit of paint goes a LONG WAY!

I painted the {free!} sidebar with a strie technique using a combination of craft paints and wood stain applied with brushes and rags.  I wanted the whole wall section to be a cohesive whole, so I used my Decoart paints and some other yard sale and auction finds to create a garden themed vignette.

On first look, you might have missed a few details...
1. "Grow" and "sow" (Psalms 127:5) artwork created with craft paint and attached with button pins
2. Mirror accented using grey craft paint seen in sidebar
3. Herb Drying rack crafted from an empty {free!} frame, wire and curtain hooks
4. Botanical Print drawn with paint pen and craft paint
5. Old Silver Box repurposed as cd storage and decorated with painted seeds

Are you wondering what this sidebar looking like before?  
 Total Cost: around $20 for supplies and accessories!!

For the FULL TUTORIAL on creating the strie, CLICK HERE!


Controlling My Chaos Monday, November 14, 2011  

Wow! It looks great.

Megan Sunday, November 20, 2011  

I love it! I wish I had the room for furniture pieces like that.

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