The Modern Dillettante | Modilly Girl!

Have you ever heard of a dilettante?  Do you know what one is?

I have always identified with the term dilettante.  In fact, the first time I ever read the term in a book, I had no idea what it was, but I liked the character, so I googled it and found:

Dilettante may refer to:

I don't know about you, but I think I jumped and yelled - HEY THAT'S ME!!!  Everything art, a jack of all creative trades, not a professional wood carver, not a professional painter, not a professional seamstress, but a LOVER and PRACTICER of ALL things art - all things creative - THAT. IS. ME!!!!  Finally, there is a term that absolutely describes me to. a. T.  The problem?

As I read more about the term, I realized that the term is actually quite negative, a denouncement of the Renaissance men that did nothing with their days but art.  Well shoot.  I like the term.  I don't care if it really denotes amateur.  I AM an amateur at many things, a professional at a few, but what artist can stop at one medium?  Isn't every artist a bit of a dilettante?  So I decided I would claim the term as my own.
I would claim the term dilettante and add the adjective of modern.  I am not the dilettante of old, sitting around painting lazily on a canvas.   I am the modern dilettante creating and providing for my home in an artistic way.  I am creating organizational structures in my home that make our life flow easier.  Organizational structure that also look beautiful.  I am creating artwork by photographing my children to decorate the walls of our home.  I am making my food beautiful, an art form that feeds our souls and our bellies.  I am the modern dilettante.
...but I wanted to go a step further.  I am not the only modern dilettante.  There are hundreds of us out there and I dare say many of us are using the art of words to connect through our blogs.

The modern blogger IS the modern dilettante.  
The modern blogger IS the Modilly Girl.  
(Get it?  Modern Dilettante -- Modilly.)

So the question is - are you a Modilly girl?
Are you a lover and practicer of all things art?
Are you a creative amateur in various mediums and fields?
Are you proud to integrate art into everything you do in a casual way?

Because I am.  I am a Modilly girl - are you?