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23 November 2011

Let's Make Biscuit Pops!

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So you want to make a couple biscuit pops? Join me today for a super simple method! 
These little pops are a MILLION times easier than cake pops and they disappear just as quickly!

First things first, mix up a traditional biscuit dough.  I admit it - I just used Bisquick!

Then comes the fun part where you get to feel like a "Cold Stone Creation Designer Ice Cream Person".
Choose your mix ins and go to town!
My first combination was paprika (1T), ginger(1T) and a tiny bit of cayenne.
Second, fresh lavender(1T) and allspice(1T) ground up almost to powder.
The third combo is a spicy white pepper(1/2 T) and ginger(2 T) mix.

I used 2-3 Tablespoons spice mix per 2 cups of biscuit dough, but you can go spicier or tone it down a bit
depending on your taste levels.  I would start with less and work your way up!

You might see in the back that I threw in a traditional cheddar cheese biscuit as well...ode to the Red Lobster...

Roll the dough into little balls, cook on a pizza stone or cookie sheet dusted with cornmeal and let them bake @ 350 degrees until lightly browned (about 4 minutes).  Let them cool completely!

After they are totally cool, take a pop stick (I found mine @ Michaels for $1.99) and gently push it halfway through the biscuit - easy does it!

Have you been baking anything lately?  Have you ever made cake pops or biscuit pops??  Share your secrets!


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