I'm going to rock your world!! | How to Use Better Facebook

SO - anybody else a little annoyed by the recent facebook changes?

Yes?! OK...I see your hands...me too!

SO here is a solution...it is called Better Facebook (no they didn't hire me).

THIS is where you can get it.  What does it do?

Well, it can do a lot, but these are my favorite features (thus far!)

You can have better facebook tab posts, so all the farmville posts are tabbed together, all the company posts tabbed together, etc so you can ignore them if you want or go check them out.  I LOVE this feature!

My second favorite feature is minimizing a bunch of chat annoyances.  I don't use it very much, so I am so glad to get rid of a bunch of the new chat options.

Finally, I LOVE that you can choose a minimal (or custom) design for your page easily.   Here is my new look!

I would walk you through step by step, but you don't need me to.  Simply click HERE, choose your browser and you will be walked through 10 steps with a variety of options you can turn on or off.  IT IS BRILLIANT!

Trust me - it is gonna rock your {facebook} world!