First Day of School | Project 52

It was his first day of school.  
There were tears.  Unexpected emotion. 
I really don't quite know what I was feeling, which was odd for me.
I'm not sure he quite knew what he was feeling either...

Now that a few weeks have passed, he has settled right into his life in school...
...and I've settled into having afternoons free to work while the babies are sleeping...

What I still haven't gotten used to is that bus pulling away with my skinny little carrot top in tow.
I haven't gotten used to the feeling of independence he has now.  The pride he feels in being able to walk across the road himself.
I haven't gotten used to walking inside and feeling the silence in the house.   (though it is nice...)
I haven't gotten used to the daily emails from the PTO and the daily homework to wade through each afternoon.

I waited so long to write this post, because I didn't know what to feel.
I still don't know what I feel.
All I know is that I feel strongly.
I feel a lot of heart tugging when that bus pulls away each day.
Perhaps I can't describe it because it is just simple.
I guess a lot of it is just love.  I feel love.
The rest?  Maybe someday I'll figure it out...

...and on a side note...this is officially post #500
Happy 500 Bday to me!  :)


Aw, what a beautiful post Amy!
meg said…
what a sweet, sweet boy! i love his "i like" list... the innocence and simplicity of a child ;)
Jodi said…
great pictures.. such a lovely post :)
Thanks girls ;) Meg...I love his like list his heart :)
Awww, this brought tears to my eyes, you described that little empty feeling so well. Even though my little boy is now 31, I still remember that feeling when he started school.
Love his like list, precious!
Oh, almost forgot to say congrats on reaching 500 posts! Yayyy!!!