Redbud: Megan of Nest of a Magpie

It is not often that I come across a really great blog, with a bunch of great content, great photos, cute girl, cute followers. How does that even happen? That only happens when you are brand new, and I never stumble upon the next big thing, so I was shocked and happy to stumble onto Megan's blog; Nest of a Magpie, and become a follower!!! I think I am the very first official follower - yippee! How cool would it have been to be Martha Stewart's very first follower ever?!? (you know...if Martha had lived among us and blogged in the trenches for a few years (ahem....days)

told you - total cuteness!
 Anyway...go give this girl some LOVE please! Say Hello! Follow her! Pin a few projects! 
yeah....WISH I could make something this beautiful!

Want to meet the rest of the redbuds?  Check them out below!


Very cool blog! Thanks for sharing it :D
Megan said…
Oh wow, thanks for the feature! I'm sitting here blushing and grinning like crazy, I am so flattered!