ECO-FRIENDLY Project Alert! | Repurposed Plastic Bag Parachutes

You've got a hundred plastic bags around the house, don't you?
You probably have kids that need entertainment too, right?

Here's a simple project for you to keep them entertained for at least 5 minutes and to give you a little less guilt over a plastic bag...

Simply cute out a square of plastic about 8 or 10 inches square, pinch the corners and tie a knot with thread.

You should have 4 corners that look like this:

Have your child hold the thread and stick a straw straight up in the center of the parachute.

A puff of air and the parachute is OFF!
  Told you it was simple!  Cheap too!  
...and seriously you'll get at least 5 minutes of peace...20 if you're lucky!


Victoria said…
What a great idea! My five year old granddaughter would love this, she is so easily entertained.
Love this idea. This could keep them entertained for hours!